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Bac Ninh, one of the rapidly developing provinces in the Northeast region, is witnessing strong growth of businesses operating in the field of translation, especially Japanese translation. This reflects the increase in economic and trade relationships between Vietnam and Japan, as well as the increasing demand from businesses in Bac Ninh for professional Japanese translation services.

Japanese translation companies in Bac Ninh play an important role in bridging the language gap, creating favorable conditions for trade and investment between Vietnamese and Japanese businesses. With a team of professional translators with extensive experience in the field of Japanese translation, these companies provide professional, high-quality translation services for many fields such as business documents, contracts, and papers. Legal sheets, technical documents, websites, etc

So today let Idichthuat tell you top Japanese translation company in Bac NinhHopefully, the article will give you the most necessary information so that you can choose a language companion in the near future.

HACO . Translation

Established in 1995, up to now, after more than 25 years of operation, HACO . Translation has become a pioneer in Japanese translation in Bac Ninh.

HACO . Translation
HACO . Translation

Advantages of HACO . Translation

  • Proud to be a translation center with ISO 9001-2008 standard process and have many opportunities to cooperate with large companies and enterprises: Honda, An Phat, ..., customers will certainly receive the best service. The most focused at HACO Translation.

Contact HACO . Translation

  • Address: BT2, 34 Thanh Nien Street, Ocean Urban Area, Bac Ninh
  • Phone Number: 0983.820.520

Translation No. 1

Known as one of the leading prestigious Japanese translation facilities in Bac Ninh, Translation No. 1 always knows how to make every customer who comes to cooperate with the best translation experience.

Translation No. 1
Translation No. 1

Advantages of Translation No. 1

  • At No. 1 Translation, customers will get high-quality translations but at a price and 30% shorter waiting time than other translation service providers.

Contact Translation No. 1

  • Address: 2nd floor, 8 Cat Linh, Dong Da, Hanoi
  • Phone Number: 024.3784.2264 – 024.3519.0800

Central Vietnam Translation – MIDTrans

Trusted and chosen by many customers, MIDTrans confidently is one of the leading reliable Japanese translation units in Bac Ninh.

Central Translation
Central Translation

Advantages of Mien Trung Translation Joint Stock Company - MIDTrans

  • The strength of MIDTrans is translation speed, at MIDTrans, translators can translate up to 30,000 words/day, which helps MIDTrans meet all translation requirements that require completion in a short time. .

Contact Mien Trung Translation Joint Stock Company – MIDTrans

  • Address: 74 Nguyen Gia Thieu, Suoi Hoa, Bac Ninh
  • Phone Number: 0947.688.883 – 0963.918.438

Translation company Idichthuat

Having experience in connecting and cooperating with more than 3,100 domestic customers and more than 250 foreign partners, completing translation for more than 55,000 documents per year, Idichthuat has been increasingly asserting its position as the leading Japanese translation enterprise in Bac Ninh.

Service quality Idichthuat
Service quality Idichthuat

Advantages of Idichthuat

  • At Idichthuat, all customer requirements on quality, price, time are all our efforts to meet.
  • Idichthuat owns more than 1,200 experienced and professional translators and interpreters, not only that, the staff of Idichthuat Always ready to support and advise customers 24/7.
  • Above all, in order to create the most favorable conditions for customers' work, Idichthuat There is also a policy of free shipping within Hanoi's inner city and products that are suitable for your shipping conditions Idichthuat.

Contact Idichthuat

  • Head Office: 228 Au Co, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh Branch: No. 42, Street 32, Quarter 6, Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Da Nang Branch: 33/5 Vo An Ninh, Hoa Xuan, Cam Le, Da Nang
  • Hotline Hanoi: 0384.358.287
  • Hotline HCM & Da Nang: 0866.682.329
  • Email:
  • Website:

ABC Education

Always want to reassure all customers who come to cooperate, ABC Education always constantly improve service quality, take care of customers, step by step become a reliable Japanese translation place in Bac Ninh.

ABC Education
ABC Education

Advantages of ABC Education

  • The unique feature that makes ABC Education outstanding comes from a team of excellent translators, graduated from top language training universities, full of responsibility and always patiently completing everything.

Contact ABC Education

  • Address: 5th Floor, Honda Vinh Cat Building, No. 39 Ly Thai To, Vo Cuong Ward, City. Bac Ninh
  • Phone Number: 02223.898.100

A2Z Translation

Owning a system of translation branches scattered across the country, A2Z Translation is considered a fast Japanese translation company in Bac Ninh.

A2Z Translation
A2Z Translation

Advantages of A2Z Translation

  • As a large translation company operating according to CEE standards, A2Z Translation is currently providing many different services such as: Multilingual document translation, Professional interpretation, ...

Contact A2Z Translation

  • Address: 99 Pho Vu, Tran Hung Dao Street, City. Bac Ninh
  • Phone Number: 0966.779.888

Translation Wish Vinh Quy

Ages ago long ago, Translation Wish Vinh Quy has become the choice of professional Japanese translation in Bac Ninh.

Translation Wish Vinh Quy
Translation Wish Vinh Quy

Advantages of Wishing Vinh Quy Translation

  • When you come to cooperate with Chuc Vinh Quy Translation, you can rest assured because Chuc Vinh Quy Translation always commits to 100% confidentiality of customer information and documents.
  • Chuc Vinh Quy Translation also guarantees a refund if there is an error greater than 10%.

Contact Wish Vinh Quy Translation

  • Address: No. 6/12, Alley 5, Lang Ha, Thanh Cong Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Tel: 0916.187.189 – 0969.162.538

Through the top list Japanese translation company in Bac Ninh above, Idichthuat You are sure to have more information to find the most suitable partner for you. Do not forget contact Idichthuat Now to enjoy dedicated service, receive accurate products in the fastest time and at affordable costs!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How much does the cost of Japanese translation in Bac Ninh fluctuate?

Depending on the type of document, difficulty, and completion time, the cost of Japanese translation in Bac Ninh ranges from 80.000 VND - 200.000 VND/page (about 250 words). Some companies have a 10-30% discount policy for loyal customers or long-term, large-volume projects. Explore more Japanese translation quote fastest, most professional, and most accurate information currently updated on the website.

2. What is the average time to complete a Japanese translation?

Normally, translation companies in Bac Ninh can complete about 4000-5000 words/day. For longer and more complex documents, the time can last 3-5 days. However, many companies provide 24-hour rush service to meet customers' urgent needs.

3. How to ensure the quality of Japanese translation?

Reputable translation companies in Bac Ninh all apply an optimal process consisting of 3 steps:

  • Translated by specialized translators
  • Proofreading by experienced editors
  • Read it one last time before delivering it to the customer
  • Many companies also use specialized software to ensure translation quality and consistency.

Also, you can see some more Difficulty translating into Japanese Helps you gain more experience and good tips when translating this language.

4. What types of documents can a translation company handle?

Most translation companies in Bac Ninh can handle a variety of documents:

  • Business and commercial documents: contracts, reports, marketing documents,...
  • Technical documents: user manual, product catalog, operating procedures,...
  • Legal documents: licenses, documents, bidding documents,...
  • Scientific documents: research reports, articles, dissertations,...

5. What are the qualifications of Japanese translators at companies?

The leading translation companies in Bac Ninh all own translation teams:

  • Graduated with a major in Japanese from prestigious universities
  • Proficient in 2 languages, knowledgeable about Vietnamese and Japanese culture
  • Have JLPT N2 certificate or higher or have studied or worked in Japan
  • Have 3-5 years of specialized translation experience

6. What other services do Japanese translation companies in Bac Ninh provide?

In addition to document translation, many companies also provide a variety of services:

  • Japanese interpretation (cabin, at conferences, events,...)
  • Notarized translation and translation certification
  • Providing interpreters according to projects
  • Translate videos and documentaries with Japanese subtitles
  • Specialized Japanese language training for businesses

See more services Japanese notarized translation Get it now, cheapest price today.

7. How is the commitment to customer information security implemented?

Reputable translation companies in Bac Ninh all sign strict confidentiality regulations with employees. They use technical measures to encrypt and securely protect customer data. After being translated, the document will be completely deleted from the server system to avoid information leakage.

8. How to receive and pay translation fees?

Customers can send documents that need to be translated via email or bring them directly to the company. The completed translation will be sent to customers via email, post or picked up at the company office. Customers can pay by cash, bank transfer or credit card depending on each company's regulations.

9. Does the translation company support Japanese translation in specialized fields?

Some translation companies in Bac Ninh provide specialized services such as:

  • Translating technical documents: automobile, electronics, construction,...
  • Medical and pharmaceutical translation: drug instruction sheets, medical records,...
  • Financial and banking translation
  • Translation of law and commercial contracts

To ensure quality, the company will appoint translators with expertise and experience appropriate to each field to undertake the project.

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