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Bac Kan is a mountainous province in northern Vietnam, located in the northern key economic region, bordering China. With this geographical location, Bac Kan has become an important bridge in cultural exchange, information and economic cooperation between Vietnam and Russia.

Russian translation activities in Bac Kan not only serve Russian delegations and experts visiting and working locally, but also support businesses and organizations in the province in the process of transactions and cooperation. with Russian partners. This is an area that is increasingly receiving attention and development to enhance Bac Kan's position in the international arena.

That is why there is a need to use the service Russian translation became very popular. In Bac Kan is no exception so we provide some information about Top Famous Russian translation company in Bac Kan.

HACO Translation Company

HACO translation company has been awarded the title of top 100 prestigious brands for many years in a row. The company is proud to always be the first choice of customers when they need to use Chinese translation services in Bac Kan.

HACO . Translation
HACO . Translation

Advantages of HACO translation:

  • HACO Translation is committed to providing 100% accurate translation content and ensuring it is done on time as committed to customers.
  • The company implements an absolute privacy policy and provides a lifetime warranty on translation products. Customers will free the entire cost of correcting the translation if there is a translation error from 7%.

Contact HACO translation:

  • Address: No. 2/68 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.
  • Telephone: 0867.623.648

Central Translation Company – MIDtrans

Russian translation company- MIDtrans is one of the famous translation companies specializing in providing Russian translation services in Bac Kan. The company is committed to not disappoint customers when they trust the service at MIDtrans translation.

MidTrans . Translation Company
MidTrans . Translation Company

Advantages of MIDtrans translation:

  • The company owns a team of translators and interpreters capable of translating 30.000 words/day and always ensuring absolute quality.
  • MIDtrans translation takes the lead in cost and service policy after delivering the translation to the customer.
  • The company undertakes a lifetime warranty on the translation and a 100% refund if there are any errors in the translation of 7% or more.

Contact MIDtrans translation:

  • Address: Group 7B, Duc Xuan Ward, Town, Bac Kan
  • Telephone: 0383.056.288

Bac Kan Translation Company – Bkmos

Like you guys Russian translation Language is a difficult language to learn, not only that it is harder to translate it and few companies can provide this service. Bac Kan translation company – Bkmos confidently is the most famous Russian language service provider in Bac Kan with the cheapest price.

Translation of Bkmos
Translation of Bkmos

Advantages of Bkmos translation:

  • Bkmos Translation has a team of translators with many years of experience and constantly improving professional knowledge
  • The company provides a variety of service packages to meet each customer and multi-specialties such as legal, economic translation...

Contact Bkmos translation:

  • Address: 07, Phu Xuan 2, Da Nang.
  • Tel: 098.593.1212

A2Z Consulting and Translation Co., Ltd

Translation company A2Z is a translation unit leading the list of reputable Russian translation service providers in Bac Kan. This place builds the trust of customers by always providing quality translations at a very reasonable cost.

A2Z Translation
A2Z Translation

Advantages of A2Z translation:

  • The company implements a policy of guaranteeing a 100% refund of service costs if there are translation errors up to 10%, so customers always place their trust in the company.
  • By using modern translation methods and the professional translation capabilities of a team of translators, processing time is significantly saved.
  • Currently, the company implements many promotions and also provides a variety of service packages to suit different customers.

Contact A2Z translation:

  • Address: 12 Nguyen Phong Sac, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
  • Telephone: 08.6668.2329

Translation company Idichthuat

Idichthuat has been operating for many years in the field of translation, so the experience must be said to be accumulated a lot. The company currently has a stable foothold in the field of translation because of its professional and reputable way of working. Currently, the translation company idichthuat provides Russian translation services in Bac Kan.

Translation idichthuat
Translation idichthuat

Translation advantages idichthuat:

  • Providing translation costs with competitive costs from only 35.000 VND/page and special offers to suit each customer.
  • The company has a team of experienced translators who have been in contact and participated in translation projects of foreign organizations.
  • With a closed translation process plus modern translation methods, the quality is always guaranteed and the processing time is minimized.

Contact for translation idichthuat:

  • Address: 228 Au Co, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Hotline (Zalo/Viber/Whatsapp): 0866.682.329 – 0384.358.287
  • Email:
  • Website:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Why is the need for Russian translation popular in Bac Kan?

Due to its geographical location close to the Chinese border, Bac Kan has become an important bridge in trade and economic cooperation between Vietnam and Russia. Many Russian delegations and experts regularly visit and work here. Businesses in the province also need to translate contracts and documents when dealing with Russian partners. Read the article now: 10 Things you may not know about Russian helps you better understand this language.

2. Do Russian translation companies guarantee quality?

Reputable translation companies such as HACO, MIDtrans, Bkmos, A2Z, Idichthuat are committed to providing 100% accurate translations. If there are 7-10% errors, we will refund and provide a lifetime warranty for the product. They have a team of experienced translators with specialized knowledge.

3. How does the Russian translation process work?

The process includes steps:

  • Receive requests and original documents from customers
  • Analyze, evaluate and quote
  • Conduct translation, editing, proofreading
  • Send the complete translation to the customer
  • Edit as required (if any) and hand over

4. How much does the cost of Russian translation in Bac Kan fluctuate?

Costs range from 35.000 - 150.000 VND/page (about 250 words), depending on the specialty and completion time. Many companies have discount programs for loyal customers or bulk orders.

5. What is the average time to complete a Russian translation?

It usually takes about 1-2 days for simple documents under 5000 words. For specialized or large documents of 10.000 words or more, it may take 5-7 days depending on difficulty. Companies can respond to urgent requests within 24 hours if requested by customers.

6. How to choose a reputable Russian translation company?

When choosing a translation company, customers should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Experience and reputation of the company
  • Qualifications of the translator team
  • Translation process and technology
  • Privacy policy and product warranty
  • Prices and incentives for customers

7. Do companies accept specialized Russian translation?

Yes, most companies provide translation services for many specialized fields such as economics, commerce, engineering, medicine, legal... They have a team of well-trained and rich translators. Experience to ensure specialized terminology is used correctly.

8. Besides Russian translation, do companies provide other services?

In addition to translation, some companies also provide accompanying services such as notarized translation, cabin interpretation, multimedia translation, interpreter supply, interpretation equipment rental... to meet the needs. customer diversity. See details about the service Notarized translation into Russian Fast, cheap, most professional updated on the website.

9. Can customers request a trial translation before deciding to use the service?

Depending on each company's policy, some units accept trial translations of the first 300 words for customers to evaluate the quality. However, most will charge a trial translation fee if the customer requests important or in-depth parts of the document to be translated.

10. Do translation companies ensure customer information security?

Reputable companies are committed to absolute confidentiality of customer information. They sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) and have a privacy policy, not sharing information with any third parties. Staff must also comply with strict confidentiality regulations.

Above is information about Top Russian translation company in Bac Kan after being carefully screened by us. If you or your family have any questions that need to be answered, please contact idichthuat to receive the fastest explanation.


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