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Decree is a legal document of the government. Usually signed and promulgated by the Prime Minister (sometimes it can be signed by specialized Deputy Prime Ministers according to their assigned fields) or can be promulgated by the Government on the initiative to manage a certain issue in the country. . Sometimes Decrees are issued to implement Laws promulgated by the National Assembly.

Translation of Circulars – Decisions – The Most Professional Regulations

Circulars are legal documents issued by ministries or ministerial-level agencies. Usually signed by the Minister or the President. Circulars may also be issued jointly by many relevant ministries and sectors for application to the extent relevant to those agencies.

Resolution is the decision to do something by a conference. The line is the way to solve a certain problem, usually it is oriented, not directly solving the problem, the executive body will base on this orientation to make legislation.

Administrative decision is a written decision of a state administrative agency or a competent person in a state administrative agency that is applied once to 1 or a number of specific subjects on a particular issue. in administrative management activities.

These documents are always changed and updated to suit the actual situation at home and abroad, so this is an extremely important source of information for officials and employees who are working and researching. in the field of law as well as executive... They are the ones who always have to be ahead of the curve, constantly learning and accepting changes in domestic and foreign policies and guidelines so that they can advise and contribute contribute ideas in reforming the country.

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Circulars, decisions and regulations can be:

- Legal documents promulgated by the National Assembly.

- Documents of the constitution, laws, ordinances and resolutions of the National Assembly.

– Types of documents issued by the government, departments and agencies..

- Documents of decrees, decisions, circulars, decrees, official dispatches of the Prime Minister, ministries on issues

specific topic,

- Documents notifying and deciding on amendments and supplements to the laws of other countries.

- Analyzes and assessments of the impact of changes in laws, regulations, circulars, etc.

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