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English documents and texts cover a wide range, from technical documents, contracts, reports, theses, specialized books, to legal, medical, educational documents, and many more. other areas. Each type of document has its own specific language, specialized terminology, structure and expression. Therefore, translating accurately, honestly and ensuring professionalism, while preserving the original spirit and meaning of the document is a big challenge for translators.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy (University of Foreign Languages ​​- University of Da Nang): Our team's research in 2021 shows that 82% of import-export businesses in Vietnam use English document translation to implement contracts. contracts and exchange technical information with foreign partners.

To meet the needs of professionally translating English documents and texts into Vietnamese, translation companies need to have a team of experienced translators with a deep understanding of culture, language and culture. related field of expertise. The support of experts in the respective field is also important to ensure the highest accuracy and professionalism in the translation process.

Finding a reputable and professional translation partner will help domestic businesses, organizations and individuals access and effectively exploit valuable sources of knowledge from English documents, while promoting cultural exchange and cooperation between countries.

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Need to translate documents from English to Vietnamese

In the context of increasingly deep international integration, the need for document translation from English to Vietnamese is increasing strongly. According to statistics from the Vietnam Translation Association, total revenue of the translation industry has grown by 15-20% per year in the period 2015-2020. This shows the great interest of domestic and foreign organizations and businesses in professional translation services.

Documents are often translated from English to Vietnamese

In addition to specialized documents, there are many other types of papers and documents that need to be translated for the daily operations of companies and businesses:

  • For foreign companies: Business license, financial reports, legal documents to establish branches and representative offices in Vietnam.
  • For Vietnamese companies: Import-export documents, commercial contracts, documents, project documents when cooperating with foreign partners.
  • Types of personal documents: Passport, visa, birth certificate, degrees, certificates, job applications, resumes,...
Translating specialized documents
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Idichthuat was born just wanting and only specializing in the right areas English document translation service to create a professional service, a perfect translation, the most accurate to customers. The customers of our translation company are domestic and foreign companies, corporations, banks, securities companies, real estate companies, Hire translation services for English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian,.... into Vietnamese and vice versa.

Reality Idichthuat Very proud to be a partner with such large companies and corporations, but what our translation company We are more proud to be dedicated to "creating" accurate and quality translations to our customers.

Address for cheap English document translation
Cheap English document translation

We have a team! more than 1200 professional translators, and for the sake of achieving the quality effect of each English Vietnamese translation best then Idichthuat divide them into groups and only specialize in translating the right strengths in their fields and industries. Suppose if you have a English version of documents on import and export industry and want my translation to be of the highest quality and with the most specialized vocabulary.

So when you use our translation service, after receiving the documents Idichthuat will send to translator specialized in translating import and export documents, then definitely translation will be optimized and most accurate.

So why not contact now....

Translation services of specialized documents, texts, books, magazines, projects, reports, theses... from English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian... to Vietnamese (and vice versa) in the most professional way

We translate the most professional documents in specialized topics:

"Only receive projects ensuring 100% quality"

Marketing, Business Administration, Commerce, Human Resources

Information technology, Internet marketing, Science and technology

Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Fisheries, Medicine

Social media, General travel

Types of books, contracts, laws, vouchers, letters, documents for studying abroad, CVs, and other common documents 



Translating specialized English documents

In the era of globalization, the need for specialized English document translation is increasing. According to statistics, more than 80% of businesses and organizations in Vietnam need specialized document translation services to serve business activities, research and international cooperation. To meet that need, translation company Idichthuat provides high-quality specialized English document translation service packages in many different fields.

Below are specialized translation services Idichthuat Committed to bringing customers:

1. Specialized scientific and technical translation

We provide specialized translation services in the field of science and technology with a team of experienced and knowledgeable translators. Services include:

  • Scientific and technical documents Translation
  • Medical document Translation
  • Translating medical records and medication records
  • Construction and Bid Translation
  • Mechanical Engineering Translation
  • Electronic translation, information technology
  • Food Technology Translation
  • Automotive Engineering Translation
  • Specialized translation in mathematics and physics
  • Translation in the field of seafood
  • Translation of processes and biotechnology
  • Environmental translation, hydropower - hydrology

2. Legal and administrative translation - law

We have extensive experience in processing all types of legal and administrative documents with high accuracy. Service categories include:

  • Translating letters and emails
  • Translation of contracts and quotes
  • Commercial documents translation
  • Translating study abroad documents, transcripts, and degrees
  • Translating legal and customs documents
  • Translating job applications, CVs, and capacity profiles
  • Translating resumes and personal documents
  • Translating tax and financial reports
  • Circulars, decisions, regulations translation
  • Translation of certificates, degrees, ISO standards

3. Economic - financial - social translation

Our team of professional translators is ready to meet all translation requirements in the economic, financial and social fields, including:

  • Translation of human resource management and commerce
  • Translating economic and stock documents
  • Financial, accounting and insurance translation
  • Translation of marketing and foreign economics
  • Translating user manuals and catalogs
  • Translating cultural, historical and tourist documents
  • Translating brochures, sports, social politics
  • Translating literature, books, magazines
  • Translating event and religious documents
  • Translation of websites and software

4. Translation of theses - dissertations - master's degree - MBA

We are proud to be the leading translation unit in the academic field with many successful thesis and dissertation translation projects. Our services include:

  • Translating MBA and graduate documents
  • Translating graduation projects and theses
  • Translating economic, finance and banking dissertations
  • Translating tourism and media dissertations
  • Business management dissertation translation
  • Agro-Forestry-Fisheries dissertation translation
  • Translation of information technology and construction dissertations
  • Translating specialized essays

Experience in choosing professional translation services

Translator qualifications

  • Request to provide information about the translator's degrees, certificates, and experience.
  • Find out translator information on social networks and websites to evaluate capacity.

Translation experience

  • Choose a translator with many years of translation experience in the specialized field.
  • Ask for samples of previous translations to assess quality.

Company reputation

  • Priority is given to companies with many years of experience in specialized translation.
  • Refer to customer reviews about service quality on online channels.


  • Compare service prices between companies to choose the right price.
  • Be careful with companies whose prices are too cheap because it may affect the quality.

Privacy Policy

  • Choose a company with a clear information security policy.
  • Request a commitment not to disclose information to third parties.

The questions revolve around the topic of English - Vietnamese document translation

1. Team of translators Idichthuat What qualifications and experience do you have?

Idichthuat There are more than 1200 professional translators, divided into specialized groups according to each field such as economics, engineering, medicine, law, etc. 100% of translators have university degrees in foreign languages ​​or majors. related, have an international translation certificate and translation experience of 5 years or more.

2. Process of translating specialized documents at Idichthuat How does it happen?

Step 1: Receive original documents and translation requests from customers

Step 2: Analyze documents and select a translator with appropriate expertise

Step 3: The translator conducts the translation, ensuring content integrity

Step 4: Check the translation quality by the editor

Step 5: Send the completed translation to the customer and edit as required (if any)

3. How long does it take to complete specialized document translation?

Depending on the length and complexity of the document, completion time ranges from 1-5 working days. For urgent documents under 5000 words, we can complete them within 24 hours. Average, specialized translation speed of Idichthuat Reach 2000-3000 words/day, 30% faster than other companies.

4. Cost of translating specialized documents Idichthuat is it high?

Specialized translation prices of Idichthuat ranges from 80.000 - 200.000 VND/page (350 words), depending on language pair and field. We are confident in providing the most competitive prices in the market thanks to our abundant team of translators and scientific process. You will save 10-30% of the cost compared to hiring a freelancer but still receive the best quality. You can refer to the details Translation quote based on number of words, pages, and working hours today.

5. How to ensure document information security?

Idichthuat Committed to absolute confidentiality of all customer information by the following measures:

  • Sign an information security contract with customers
  • Require the translator to sign a commitment to confidentiality and not to store documents
  • Encrypt and delete data after project completion
  • Only deliver documents via email/secure link, do not send printed copies

6. Idichthuat Is there any notarized translation of documents?

Yes, we provide notarized translation services for more than 10 languages ​​at a reasonable cost, on average from 120.000 - 200.000 VND/page. Our notarized translations have full confirmation stamps from State agencies and the translator's seal, ensuring high legality for submission to the authorities. For more information, see the service introduction article Notarized English translation in HCM Reputable, cheapest price today.

7. Idichthuat Do you translate urgent documents outside of business hours?

We are ready to meet urgent document translation requests, outside of business hours and on weekends and holidays. You only need to notify 2-4 hours in advance to receive the translation on the same day. Expedited service fees will increase by 25-50% compared to normal.

8. How to save costs when translating specialized documents?

To save maximum costs when doing specialized translation, you should:

  • Prepare clear and complete original documents to avoid modifications
  • Discuss carefully with the translator about technical terms
  • Use terminology management and translation memory software
  • Take advantage of incentives when translating in large volumes or translating frequently
  • Choose a reputable translation company to avoid losing money on poor quality translations

9. Idichthuat Is there a warranty and free translation editing?

We guarantee translation quality for 365 days. If we detect errors, we will correct them for free until the customer is satisfied. In case we cannot fix it, we will refund 100%. In addition, customers can request to edit or change content within 30 days from the date of delivery of the translation.

So the above article introduced the English document translation service of Idichthuat and the specialties that we accept translations for. In addition to English translation, our translation company also accepts multilingual translation. Please contact us for advice and receive a quote immediately.

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