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In the context of the stock market increasingly integrating with the world, the need for translation of specialized financial and securities documents in Ho Chi Minh City is increasing significantly.

Professional translation companies with a team of translators with deep expertise in finance and securities play an important role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of important documents such as financial reports. , prospectus, investment contract, and other legal documents.

These companies provide specialized translation services, including translation of technical documents, specialized documents and legal documents related to stock market operations, meeting the growing needs of financial institutions, listed companies and investors in Ho Chi Minh City.

Professional translation of securities documents

The Development of Vietnam's Stock Market

Vietnam's stock market has made significant progress in the process of international integration. According to data from the State Securities Commission:

  • Market capitalization reaches 5,3 million billion VND (equivalent to 230 billion USD) by the end of 2023
  • Growth of 25,7% compared to the previous year
  • Accounting for about 62,5% of Vietnam's GDP

This development attracts more and more domestic and foreign investors, creating great demand for professional securities document translation services.

Concept and Importance of Securities

Securities are evidence confirming the legal rights and interests of the owner over the assets or capital of the issuing organization. Common types of securities include:

  • Share
  • Bonds
  • Investment fund certificates
  • Derivative securities

To be successful in stock investing, investors need to:

  • Master basic knowledge
  • Learn from experts
  • Research international stock markets

This creates a great demand for accurate and easy-to-understand translation of specialized securities documents.

The importance of translating securities documents

Professional Securities Document Translation Service at Idichthuat

Team of professional translators

Idichthuat proud of our team of translators:

  • Average experience of 7+ years in the securities industry
  • 80% have a Master's degree in Finance or Economics
  • 100% proficient in at least 2 foreign languages

Diverse sources of documents

We provide translation services for many types of securities documents:

type of document Specific examples
Reputable website Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC
Specialized magazine The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times
Instruction book “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham
Analysis article Report by Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs

Professional translation process

  • Analyze original documents: Identify specialized terms and contexts
  • Translation: Uses AI-powered technology to ensure consistency
  • Editorial: Cross-checked by financial expert
  • Quality check: Evaluate the accuracy and naturalness of the translation
  • Customer feedback: Adjust according to specific requirements

Commitment to quality

  • Accuracy >99% for specialized terminology
  • Fast delivery time: 2000 words/day for normal projects
  • Absolute confidentiality: Sign NDA with every customer

Why Choose Idichthuat?

5 reasons to help you choose Idichthuat:

  • Long experience: Established in 2010, with more than 5000 completed securities projects
  • Extensive expertise: The team of translators has a solid financial background
  • Advanced technology: Using CAT and AI software to ensure consistency
  • Comprehensive services: From text translation to symposium interpretation
  • Competitive prices: Save 20-30% compared to competitors in the same segment

Working process

  • Free consultation: Analyze requirements and propose optimal solutions
  • Detailed quotation: Transparent pricing based on project complexity
  • Project implementation: Strictly comply with quality procedures
  • On-time delivery: Commitment to time, compensation if late
  • Post-translation support: Free adjustment within 30 days

With the rapid development of the Vietnamese stock market, specialized document translation services have become more important than ever. Idichthuat Committed to providing comprehensive, accurate and professional translation solutions, contributing to the success of investors and businesses in the field of finance and securities.

Note when translating securities documents

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Idichthuat Do you provide translation services for technical analysis reports?

Have, Idichthuat Providing in-depth translation services for technical analysis reports. Our team of translators are trained in technical indicators, price patterns and market trends, ensuring 98% accuracy in specialized terminology.

2. What is the average time to complete a quarterly financial report translation?

Normally, a quarterly financial report (about 30-50 pages) is completed in 3-5 working days. For urgent projects, we can expedite the schedule to 24-48 hours with a 30% surcharge.

3. Idichthuat Do you provide cabin interpretation services for securities seminars?

Have, Idichthuat Providing professional cabin interpretation services for securities symposiums. Our team of interpreters has an average of 5+ years of experience in this field and is proficient in specialized terminology.

4. Idichthuat Does it provide localization services for stock trading applications?

Yes, we provide comprehensive localization services for stock trading apps. Services include user interface translation, UX/UI optimization, and multilingual testing, ensuring a smooth user experience across platforms.

5. Does the company provide translation services for complex options and derivatives contracts?

Have, Idichthuat providing in-depth translation services for complex options and derivatives contracts. Our team of translators are trained in valuation models such as Black-Scholes and are familiar with terminology such as delta, gamma, and vega.

6. Does the company provide editing and proofreading services for existing translations?

Have, Idichthuat provides editorial and proofreading professional. Our process includes checking terminology for accuracy, improving coherence, and ensuring consistency throughout the document. Average processing time is 1000 words/hour.

7. Does the company provide translation services for documents on big data analysis in the securities sector?

Have, Idichthuat provides in-depth translation services for documents on big data analysis in the securities sector. Our team of translators are well-versed in concepts such as machine learning, sentiment analysis, and predictive modeling, ensuring 98% accuracy in technical terminology.

8. Idichthuat Do you provide translation services for documents on risk management in stock investment?

Yes, we provide in-depth translation services for documents on risk management in stock investment. Our team of translators are proficient in concepts such as VaR (Value at Risk), stress testing, and risk-adjusted return, ensuring 99% accuracy in industry terminology.

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