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Translation Process

Entering the period of international economic integration, any country, organization or business needs to operate in a standard manner. Gone are the days when the king's rule lost the village, the world is now a flat world or in other words, a company in any country can trade, hire employees and work all over the world. Global. Therefore, agreements and treaties were born to create a legal framework and standard operating procedures for member states to comply with the common law.


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The process, regardless of size, is the legal framework for the work and activities in the company and organization to take place smoothly, smoothly and without interruption. If an enterprise has foreign elements such as hiring employees, trading, selling, providing or using foreign services, having a common process agreed and committed to implement is essential. The process will help anyone in any country know the jobs and the order in which they are performed, and have a clear division of labor among members. And then, the process will show its value when increasing customer satisfaction, thereby creating a competitive advantage for businesses when entering a big playing field.

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That is probably still a weak point in the operation of many domestic companies. Our human resources are trained and work in a general and general manner with little emphasis on professionalisation. Therefore, the process is not often valued by qualifications, experience and management level in the operation of a company. When innovating their thinking and approach to international processes, Vietnamese businesses will have a more professional and effective way of operating. Accompanying businesses in this process, idichthuat supported the compilation of many sets of procedures from abroad in various fields such as:

(Some basic procedures)

- Business process, sales, purchase, customer care….

- Production process

- Training process

– Working process and supervision of all levels of management

- HR management process

Thus, the approach and application of these types of processes will help businesses get closer to the specialization and professionalization of their operations. We will promote many advantages in the way of scientific organization and management to absorb foreign friends, thereby increasing the level of competition when entering the international market. Understanding this importance, it is idichthuat also applies translation processes in its translation and interpretation activities. Idichthuat It was clear that the process helped organize the work more efficiently so that we could do the translations smoothly accurate - quick - confidential - saving To best support our customers.  

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