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Translation is an important field in connecting languages ​​and cultures between countries. In Dong Da district, one of the central districts of Hanoi, translation services are increasingly developing to meet the growing needs of residents and businesses in the area.

Dong Da district is an area with many international universities, research institutes and businesses, creating a linguistically and culturally diverse environment. This leads to the need for professional translation services, including text translation, interpretation, and other related services.

Translation services at Dong Da are not simply translating from one language to another, but also require a deep understanding of culture, industry and context. This is especially important in areas such as education, international business, and scientific research - areas in which Dong Da district has strengths.

For the convenience of customers to monitor and choose for themselves a reputable and quality translation service, Idichthuat Dear you Top 5 most prestigious translation companies in Dong Da district. Hope to be useful to you.

A2Z Notarized Translation

A2Z notarized translation is a translation unit established in 2010 with a staff of more than 50 people and support to translate documents in more than 50 different languages ​​worldwide. According to statistics, there are more than 500 projects completed in 2020. Up to now, there are about 450 projects completed in 2021.

During the recruitment process, A2Z Notarized Translation always focuses on training the team of translators and interpreters to work according to the strictest and most accurate process so that the translation is translated in the most meticulous and perfect way. Therefore, customers can be completely assured of the quality of the translation when it has passed through the hands of translators and interpreters at A2Z.

A2Z Translation

Contact information:

  • Address: 12 Nguyen Phong Sac, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • Phone number: 0966779888

Arsenic Translation

The prestige and professionalism in the working process in the translation service industry not only facilitates Asen Translation to work with more than 600 small businesses and thousands of private individuals over the years, but also can working with some of the top famous companies around the world. 

Asen Translation provides reputable express translation services in many different languages, including those that are rarely used. 

Asen Translation has its head office in Dong Da district but can support translation services for customers throughout Hanoi and also in neighboring provinces such as Bac Ninh and Hai Duong.

Arsenic translation

Contact information:

  • Address: 306 Tay Son Ward, Nga Tu So, Dong Da, Hanoi
  • Phone number:  098 252 32 86

CNN Translation

Since 2010, CNN Translation Company has been providing leading translation services in the translation market in Hanoi as well as neighboring provinces. The translation company CNN has assisted small and medium-sized companies in translating their product and service demos for worldwide distribution. Currently, with diverse services and long-term working experience, CNN Translation Company is known and trusted by customers because it always delivers effective, high-quality results quickly and in accordance with the source. customer finance.

The services of CNN Translation Company include Document Translation, Notarized Translation, Website/Software Localization, Subtitles, Proofreading, Copywriting, Transcription, Editing, Electronic Pre-Preparation, Interpretation, Interpretation and multilingual solution services for many languages.

CNN Translation

CNN Translation Company brings together a team of experienced and talented language experts including professional translators, proofreaders, top interpreters and many other professionals with experience and expertise. to each project. With over 12 years of experience, CNN Translation Company always creates high-quality Translation and Localization strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Contact information:

  • Address: No. 62 Alley 19 Tran Quang Dieu Dong Da Hanoi
  • Phone number: 092 6051999

Phu Thinh Translation

Phu Thinh Translation Company is a language translation service provider with more than 10 years of experience and reputation in the field of translation, localization, transliteration, subtitles, voiceovers, electronic publishing...

Phu Thinh Translation

The main focus of Phu Thinh Translation Company is to bring high quality translation and localization services in a wide variety of international languages ​​to any company wishing to promote and market their products and services. in another country. Phu Thinh Translation Company cooperates with its customers by building long-term friendly relationships, on the basis of reputable services and low prices. Therefore, you can completely trust your documents and records

Contact information:

  • Address: 276 Ton Duc Thang, Dong Da District, Hanoi 
  • Phone number: (04) 6659-3274

Translation Idichthuat

Translation Idichthuat is one of the leading reputable translation companies today. With more than 10 years of experience since 2010, Idichthuat has provided translation and language localization services to thousands of customers with most languages ​​in the world and in all different specialties such as health, politics, sports, exchange. culture,…


Translator and interpreter system at Idichthuat Always ensure accuracy and confidentiality in the working process. They are bachelors, masters and doctorates in languages, have many years of experience in the field of translation, have lived and worked in many different countries, so the translation quality is always guaranteed. as close to the original as possible.

Contact Info

  • Address: 63 Nghi Tam, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Phone number: 0866.682.329

Hope through the article Top 5 prestigious translation companies in Dong Da districtIdichthuat provided, you can find yourself a translation service provider that suits your needs and financial capabilities.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What types of translation services are there in Dong Da district?

Translation services in Dong Da district include text translation, interpretation, for notarized translation, localization, subtitles, proofreading, copywriting, transcription, editing, desktop publishing, voice-overs and other multilingual solutions.

2. What is the average time to complete a translation project?

The average time to complete a translation project is 2-5 working days, depending on the length and complexity of the document. Companies like Idichthuat, A2Z and CNN can provide express translation services within 24-48 hours for short documents.

3. What is the average translation cost in Dong Da district?

The average translation cost in Dong Da district ranges from 80.000 to 150.000 VND/page (about 300 words) for popular languages ​​such as English, French, and Chinese. For rare languages, the cost may be higher, from 150.000 to 250.000 VND/page. Refer to the newspaper Translation prices based on number of words, pages, and working hours in HCM Reputable, best price today.

4. Do translation companies in Dong Da provide direct interpretation services?

Yes, many companies like CNN and Idichthuat provides in-person interpretation services for events, conferences, and business meetings. They have a team of professional interpreters with experience in many different fields.

5. How to ensure document confidentiality when using translation services?

Reputable translation companies in Dong Da often sign confidentiality agreements (NDA) with customers. They also use security measures such as data encryption, access restrictions, and document deletion after project completion to ensure customer confidentiality.

6. Do translation companies in Dong Da provide services to international customers?

Yes, many translation companies in Dong Da serve both domestic and international clients. They are capable of handling multilingual projects and providing services to multinational companies and international organizations.

7. Do translation companies in Dong Da use machine translation technology?

Many translation companies in Dong Da have applied technology machine translation Combined with machine translation post-editing to increase efficiency and reduce costs for certain types of documents. However, for important or specialized documents, they still prioritize using completely human translation to ensure the highest quality.

8. How to evaluate the translation quality of a company in Dong Da?

To evaluate translation quality, you can:

  • Request a translation sample before signing the contract
  • Check reviews and feedback from previous customers
  • Review the company's certifications and awards
  • Evaluate their quality assurance processes
  • Consult with experts in your field about the quality of your translation
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