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Translation of thesis on agriculture - forestry - fishery

In the new era, many countries are setting themselves the goal of becoming an industrialized and technologically advanced country. It is also an inevitable development trend. However, for any country, agriculture still plays an important role in the national economy.

Although it is not the locomotive of development, the agricultural sector including agro-forestry-fishery meets the demand for food for the whole society. This is a basic and essential need, creating the foundation for the development of other professions.

Vietnam has always been considered a country rich in natural resources and favored by nature with many conditions to develop the agro-forestry-fishery industries. We have large plains with fertile alluvium, a tropical climate suitable for the growth of plants, and a vast sea and interlaced river system throughout the country.

We would have had a very advanced and developed agriculture if we had invested in research and development and applied science and technology to farming and exploiting abundant agro-forestry-fishery resources. his abundance. Therefore, the need to learn and acquire knowledge and experiences from developed agricultural countries is extremely practical and urgent.

In fact, although it is no longer a "hot" industry, there are still many students who choose agriculture-forestry-fishery to build their career. In addition, many people still realize the potential of the industry in the future, so they choose to enroll in advanced courses, practice or even strive for master's and doctoral degrees.

In the context that most students choose economics and technology to study, this is an optimistic signal for the domestic agro-forestry-fishery industry. Many students have done research and scientific dissertations on the agriculture-forestry-fishery industry and devoted to idichthuat the opportunity to cooperate, translate your thesis into other languages ​​to publish in foreign journals or report to international scientific councils

Among them, there are a number of highly practical theses such as:

(Some thesis topics specialized in agriculture - forestry - fishery)

– Developing organic agriculture and producing clean agricultural products in Vietnam

– Attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into Vietnam's agricultural industry

- Orientations and solutions to promote seafood exports of Vietnam's seafood industry to the US market.

– Application of AHP and GIS to assess and determine the adaptation of Pinus merkusii and Acacia auriculiformis in the highlands

The agriculture - forestry - fishery industry is still the backbone of the Vietnamese economy. The development opportunities of students in this industry are still expanding. Idichthuat We also want to join hands with you to modernize the country's agro-forestry-fishery industry.

With his expertise and enthusiasm, idichthuat will help you get the most profound thesis translations and convey the correct thinking of the writer. Our experienced translators idichthuat do not hesitate to study deeply with students in each specific field so that each translation of the thesis of agriculture-forestry-fishery will accurate - quick - confidential - saving best for your customers.

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