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Translation of Competency Profiles

When conducting business activities, reputation is an important factor affecting the success or failure of a cooperation opportunity. Trust will help both parties have a positive view of each other, working towards a common goal to bring value to both. However, gaining credibility for individuals or businesses is not an easy task.

Reputation is not a tangible value that can be bought with money, but needs to be built on the honesty and quality of products and services throughout the length of the company's operations. Because of that importance, many businesses have devoted themselves to building a complete set of competency profiles because this is the most convincing measure to build trust with partners and customers.

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Corporate profile is a document that briefly introduces the company, introduces its strengths, products, services, business areas, customers and projects that the company has implemented. Therefore, the capacity profile is considered an effective marketing tool, showing actual information, important projects, helping partners see more clearly about the capabilities and strengths of capital and capacity. carry out works or projects of an enterprise. With such a great role, the profile is a competitive "weapon" of each company when introducing, selling, or bidding for a national or international project.

The fierce competition in the market, especially in the international environment, does not allow the slightest mistake to appear in the enterprise's capacity profile. Because of that importance, the translation of competency profiles requires high accuracy and is more rigorous than other documents. Understanding that nature, the portfolios are translated by idichthuat always closely monitored, accurate to each number, semicolon. Idichthuat is not only responsible for translating in terms of language, content and parameters from the original competency profile, but also advises on how to conform to the practices and conventions in the translated language. Idichthuat completed many portfolio translation projects for companies in the following fields:

(Some majors need competency profiles)

- Build

- Seafood processing

- Agricultural processing

- Process the wood

– Furniture production

- Producing handicrafts

– Garment


Vietnam we have many goods, quality products can compete with goods on the world market. The problem is how to make partners and customers trust and give us the opportunity to show that capacity.

Idichthuat believes that through a professional portfolio that is accurately expressed in international languages, Vietnamese businesses will have more opportunities to conquer the world market. To reinforce that belief, idichthuat has devoted all his experience and enthusiasm to support many companies and will continue to accompany your business in the upcoming development.

That commitment will be idichthuat Start from compiling your customer's portfolio in a way accurate - quick - confidential - saving Best. Therefore, all your questions can be sent to Question and Answer about us.

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