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Biotechnology is a high-tech field based on the life sciences with a combination of research processes and technical equipment to create technological scales that exploit the living activities of microorganisms. organisms, plant and animal cells in order to produce on an industrial scale high quality biological products, serving human needs and interests, and at the same time developing socio-economic and environmentally friendly products to reduce the risk of environmental pollution is increasing today.

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Today, along with the development of human society, biotechnology is increasingly proving to be of great significance to human life. It is considered as an effective arm that is no longer limited to only the agricultural field but also extends to health, food science or environmental protection... Documents in the field of biotechnology received special attention from professors, PhDs, students ... are studying and working in this field both at home and abroad not only because they are passionate about research and discovery but also because of the benefits that biotechnology brings to the community.

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Translation documents in the field of biotechnology may include:

– Textbooks, textbooks, projects, research dissertations on biotechnology

– Documentation of genetic engineering, genetic engineering, nanotechnology

- Journal of science and biotechnology

- Documentation of biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics applications...

– Materials for handling waste, nano, industrial waste, chemicals, food, genetic technology, medicine.

– Research papers, evaluations, speeches… at conferences and seminars related to the field of biotechnology.

– Videos, clips simulating the research process of microorganisms, plant cells…


Over 6 years working in the field of translation with a wide range of topics and fields including biotechnology, Idichthuat has excellently completed thousands of projects for customers.

With specialized terms, easy-to-understand writing style, we have helped readers understand the most important content of these documents.

With the location next to the beach, The first English - Chinese - Vietnamese - Japanese - Korean translation company on the market, our team of translators and editors all have time to study, work and research directly in the field of biotechnology. This helps translations of Idichthuat Always guaranteed for accuracy and professionalism. Not only that, with the business motto of prestige - fast - security - savingsWe fully commit to being able to meet even exceed your expectations.


Please send us the documents in the field of biotechnology that need to be translated immediately to receive a free consultation 24/7 and a quick translation quote.

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