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In order to avoid losing records, notarization of copies is the most effective way to help you store all kinds of papers and documents while still ensuring the legality of documents.

The preeminent values ​​in the notarization service of IDICHTHUAT:

Quick and time-saving procedure

If you have a need to notarize copies of documents with a small amount, you just need to scan the document and send it via email to confirm the notarized copy to us, we will make a notarized copy immediately for you. You ensure the completion time is always earlier or on time.

Come to IDICHTHUAT, you don't need to worry about quality, price and time. We are committed to providing you with fast and accurate notarized translation services, saving costs and time but still ensuring the best notarized copy quality.

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Competitive fees

Ensure the fee is always lower than in other translation units.

• Free Photo printing

• Quick copy of the day nhanh

• Profile < 20 pages: 10.000 VND/page • Profile > 20 pages: 8.000 VND/page

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Profile is not lost

With a strict document management process comes IDICHTHUAT Your documents will be our full responsibility to ensure absolute records are not lost.
Free delivery

Now IDICHTHUAT is the only unit in the country that provides free delivery service for customers, ensuring documents will be delivered to customers in the most effective way. Every year on major holidays, we continuously organize a gratitude program for customers who have been using the service at IDICHTHUAT and hope that with what we bring in the future, customers will continue to accompany us IDICHTHUAT.

Time saving

IDICHTHUAT help customers prepare all procedures for notarization of copies: photocopying, printing, getting order numbers, arranging documents.... With many years of notarization experience of translation company IDICHTHUAT can give an exact time when a client's profile is complete.

Contact us today for the fastest service quote and consultation.

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