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Specialized legal translation related to fields such as civil law, criminal law, commercial law, labor law, intellectual property, and many other legal fields. Each of these fields has specialized vocabulary and terminology, requiring translators to have in-depth knowledge of law, as well as professional translation skills. Inaccurate translation can lead to serious consequences, such as breaking the law, legal disputes or even imprisonment.

Center for Comparative Legal Studies Research: Center for Comparative Legal Studies research shows that the demand for specialized legal translation is increasing due to the increase in international trade and legal cooperation. international law. Research estimates that the global legal translation market will reach USD 20 billion by 2027.

In addition, specialized legal translation is not simply translating from one language to another, but also requires a deep understanding of the legal system, legal culture, and norms of countries. different. This ensures that the translated document adapts to the legal environment of the destination country and avoids possible misunderstandings or legal conflicts.

Currently, translation is widely applied in many fields such as health, education, business, legal and many other fields. Understand legal knowledge and language skills, Idichthuat provided specialized legal translation services reliable. We are committed to ensuring quality and accuracy of translation at an affordable price.

What is specialized legal translation?

Legal translation Translates concepts, legal documents, and terms related to the field of law. This field of translation requires high skills from translators. Translators have in-depth knowledge of legal terms in both languages, understanding the meaning so that legal translations are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

The translator must convey the exact information in the source text and not translate in a haphazard manner. Therefore, professional translation providers are experienced and specialized in the field of legal translation.

specialized legal translation
Fast and accurate legal translation

Quote for specialized legal translation services

Possessing a professional translation team with expertise and many years of experience in the field of legal and judicial translation. Idichthuat – one of the leading translation companies that is trusted and chosen.

Please see the legal translation quote:

Promotions for legal majors at Idichthuat

  • Instant translation at no cost
  • Support businesses and individuals with flexible payments
  • Proofreading translations at an affordable fee
  • Discounts for large value orders
  • Absolute confidentiality of translated documents

Legal translation process at Idichthuat

  • Step 1: Receive documents, records and customer requests at the office or online via email or zalo
  • Step 2: Evaluate documents and records, send customers quotes and time to complete translations and notarizations.
  • Step 3: Customer's confirmation
  • Step 4: Idichthuat proceed with order fulfillment
  • Step 5: Check, proofread the translation, send it to the customer for review before notarization
  • Step 6: Complete the translation and notarize translated documents.
  • Step 7: Hand over documents to the customer
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Prices for professional legal translation services

Accurate legal translation services at Idichthuat

For those who are in business, those who do business with foreign partners or frequently go abroad, specialized legal and judicial translation is very familiar. In Vietnam, translation in the fields of law and justice has become necessary and important. Especially during the period of economic and cultural exchange integration with international friends.

Currently, there are many units providing translation services of law, justice, and legal documents from other countries into Vietnamese; Translating legal documents from Vietnamese into many different languages ​​such as Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Cambodian; English, French, German;... to meet the diverse needs of customers. As well as serving people who need to carry out judicial procedures in Vietnam.

Translation specialized in justice and law requires high accuracy; A team of translators who understand the law and have in-depth knowledge.

Idichthuat Possessing a team of lawyers and legal experts knowledgeable in many fields of industry, we are committed to providing customers with highly accurate legal translation services.

Accurate legal translation prices
Idichthuat – FAST – CHEAP – ACCURATE translation unit

We provide legal translation services including:

  • Types of legal certificates.
  • Contract: economic contract, commercial contract, ...
  • Court documents: court mediation minutes, judgments, petitions, depositions, witness statements...
  • Certificate of asset ownership: land, housing, intellectual property rights, trademarks...
  • Testament
  • Civil status documents: birth certificate, household registration, marriage registration, citizen identification card...
  • Other documents: foreign legal documents, letters, diplomas, certificates, ...

Idichthuat provides specialized legal services to many clients, such as:

  • Experts, businesses and experts want to enter the Vietnamese market
  • Subjects interested in working and studying at companies in Vietnam
  • Foreigners who want to change their civil status

Why choose Idichthuat:

  • Gathering a team of experienced and knowledgeable legal staff will support customers with dedication, professionalism, responsibility and the highest satisfaction.
  • Help customers complete procedures and documents based on the information provided by customers in accordance with the law, helping you save costs, effort and time.
  • Committed to absolute confidentiality of records, personal and business information

The resort Idichthuat Ready to provide 24/7 legal support for all cases when customers need it, helping businesses and individuals handle legal risks effectively and quickly.

The most frequently asked questions about legal translation

1. Specialized legal translation services of Idichthuat What types of documents can be processed?

Idichthuat Providing translation services for most types of legal documents such as: commercial contracts, cooperation agreements, company charter, business licenses, bidding documents, judgments, complaints, wills , certificates of ownership, protection titles, letters of authorization, deeds, diplomatic notes, etc.

2. What is the current size of the legal translation market in Vietnam?

According to research by the Vietnam Translation Association, the size of the legal translation market in Vietnam in 2022 is estimated to reach about 150 million USD and is expected to grow at a rate of 15-20%/year in the period 2023. -2028.

3. Idichthuat What standards and processes are applied to ensure translation quality?

We apply a strict translation process according to ISO 17100:2015 standards, including the following steps:

  • Analyze source documents
  • Choose the right translation team
  • Translation
  • Edited by legal experts
  • Compare and edit
  • CHeck quality
  • Hand over the complete translation

In addition, 100% of our team of translators and proofreaders Idichthuat All have high professional qualifications and extensive experience in the legal field.

4. What is the average completion time for a legal translation?

Depending on the length and complexity of the document, the average completion time for a translation is about 1-3 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). For urgent documents, we have urgent translation services within 7 working hours.

5. How to ensure security and privacy for customers?

Idichthuat Committed to absolute confidentiality of all customer information and documents by the following measures:

  • Sign an information security agreement with each customer
  • Apply multi-layer security system to IT infrastructure
  • Limit document access for employees
  • Delete all customer data after completing the service

In addition, we only use customer information for the purpose of providing services and do not share it with any other third parties.

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