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Diplomas of the national education system are granted to learners after graduating from the level of education or training level prescribed by the Law, including lower secondary school diploma, upper secondary school diploma, diploma. high school diploma, college diploma, university diploma, master's degree, doctoral degree...

Translation of Degree Certificates Quickly – Accurately

Certificates of the national education system are granted to learners to confirm their learning results after being trained or fostered to improve their education and career levels.

Certificates are usually awarded to certify that you have successfully completed a course of study from a certain institution, subject to certain requirements. These certificates also help certify the educational attainment of the recipient.

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Certificate – Diploma is one of the very important documents because it shows the certification of the agency or organization for individuals and groups when they have completed a course or a certain task under the direction of their superiors. These are also important documents that are indispensable in job applications, study abroad, labor export, visa applications at embassies, consulates ...

Types of certificates and degrees include: 

- Translation of all kinds of diplomas: University, college, intermediate, high school, high school diploma...

- Types of certificates of merit, certificates of merit.

- Types of vocational certificates, foreign language certificates, informatics.

– Certificate of completion of short-term and long-term training courses of domestic and foreign agencies and organizations.

- Translation of transcripts, score books, group books...

To complete translations of certificates - qualifications requires high professional accuracy of the translator. How to use a professional word system, elaborate and flexible sentences, but still convey the true meaning of the certificate - degree document.

Because of these requirements, over the years, Idichthuat proud to have been trusted and accompanied by many agencies, organizations and individuals...completed translations of certificates - degrees. We have a team of translators and collaborators with good foreign language skills, always together trying non-stop to accumulate more experience both in the process of working and studying. Therefore, each translation is meticulously elaborated and evaluated many times before reaching the customer.

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