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If you've ever tried setting up an electronic device in another language, you know the importance of software localization services. Without them, a good program may become unusable or fail.

It won't be easier if you translate the software into your language. From confusing instructions to unusual design, it is still difficult to use the software effectively even if you understand all the text.

These are the problems that software localization will seek to solve. While it is often seen as a go-to method, software localization is of paramount importance for any business looking to adapt its product to new markets and users. Simply put, there are billions of potential customers who prefer to interact with products in their own language. They will not be satisfied by a quick translation, or worse, relying too much on their knowledge of English.

What is Software Localization?

Software localization is the process of adapting software to both the culture and language of the end user, from measurement standards to video and graphic design. It involves not only translation but also design and user experience changes to make the software look and feel natural to the target user.

It is easy to imagine that software localization is simply changing the language of a few key sections so that the user knows which button to click. However, software localization often goes much further than that. It also involves other changes like the size and position of those buttons on the page, as well as other design elements. It may even involve changing the code on the backend so that employees in different regions can manage and update the software.

Imagine a software application that needs to be localized from English to Chinese. A simple translation will leave you with original and clear instructions, but there are significant usability issues. Fonts may be too small to read clearly or do not support Chinese characters, while the length of the text may be so narrow that visual elements on the page are redundant. That's before we look at the preferences of Chinese users, who may want more information on each page or a different visual layout. When thinking about all these issues, it's easy to see that software localization is a bigger, more complex, and more important issue than it seems.

What is software localization?
What is software localization?

Why Do You Need Software Localization?

Technology allows us to communicate across international borders. It's one of the best from developer and user point of view. For software developers, globalization means an unlimited potential market for any new program or application.

However, one of the effects of building a successful product in a local market is that it can become more and more specialized for users in that market. The rules you build that seem natural to your existing customers, may not work well in other markets where preferences differ.

As a customer elsewhere, you will see clearly when you come across foreign cultural conventions in one of your software products. While that recognition may not stop you from using the product, you certainly know that the manufacturers of this product did not design the interface to suit you, your language and your culture. That makes it difficult for your product to attract many customers.

Without localizing your software, your product may not have the same impact on international users as it does in your home country. A poorly localized product can even reduce your sales and brand loyalty. Software localization helps you avoid some complications and ensures that you always give your best effort.

However, it's not all about damage limits. On the other hand, localization software can give you an important advantage as you enter new markets. When your product is easy to use, it's easy to recommend and more likely to help your company become a global success story.

Should Software Localize?

While a successful localization project can be highly productive for your business, it's not always a good idea to start the software localization process right away. Below, we've outlined three product categories that may need software localization, to help you figure out if localization is a top concern for your business.

Should Software Localize?
Should Software Localize?

Region-specific software

If your app's utility is specific to your region or community, you may not need to worry about localizing the software for a multilingual audience. But even then, consider whether your area has a minority language community that could benefit from software translation and localization.

For example, you might think that you wouldn't need to localize an insurance market for Vietnam, but what if there were more Filipino, Chinese or Haitian communities in the region? You can benefit even more if you localize your software for those groups.

Initial software development 

You will need to focus on your home country at this stage which may make more sense, but you can always plan to localize your software later. In that case, prepare your content as much as possible for future localization solutions. Take small steps, such as adding international character and number file formats, so you don't have to redo it too much later. When writing your copy, try to keep your sentences short and your colloquialisms to a minimum.

Find ways to expand your user base

Many software need to reach a large number of key users, then the growth rate will increase exponentially. This is because of the power of network effects, network effects create a turning point where the value of joining is much greater than the cost of joining due to the benefits of being a part of that network. . Often, new software needs to reach this point to ensure scalability and long-term success.

If you're looking to expand your user base in this way, localizing the software is a no-brainer. If you're looking to reach a new market or already have an audience abroad, you should start the localization process right away. Better yet, build software localization best practices into your development workflow so you can target more new markets in the future.

Tips For Software Localization

  1. Avoid concatenating information.
  2. Design with language in mind.
  3. Build a library of internationalization objects.
  4. Do not use fake localization, copy.
  5. Plan to expand the text by at least 30%.
  6. Do not use acronyms.
  7. Do not reuse the same text in different contexts.
  8. Do not encode text or punctuation.
  9. Make sure to use UTF-8 encoding.
  10. Use icons.

Software localization and translation services

Steps (pronounced /'step/) revolutionized the way companies localized software for rapid international release. Our best-in-class software localization and translation services and solutions are designed to accelerate agile development across all platforms.

Note: Specialized document translation in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Russian

Software translation services for all platforms and devices

Software localization for both desktop and mobile is one of the most difficult but necessary areas of translation. Idichthuat ready for the challenge; Our network of subject matter experts (SMEs), translators and engineers will help you handle all the pre- and post-translation processes in programming using HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, C , C++, JSON, C-Sharp, Java and other machine languages. Content localization and digital software are a core part of our technology-driven translation identity.

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Localize software in context

Software localization involves translating GUI (graphical user interface) strings into different target languages. Unlike document translation where sentences and paragraphs are translated as they are, software GUI strings are typically stored in separate resource files with ID numbers lacking context information.

This means that translators do not see how each string is displayed or used in the software, leading to potential problems with translation accuracy as well as text truncation (due to language expansion such as German). and Dutch.) innovative software localization technology solutions.

The software industry is increasingly agile, using an iterative and incremental approach to application development. As such, frequent updates are inevitable, leading to the need for constant, fragmented translation.

Note: Translated Software Version

The just-in-time translation (JIT) model of Idichthuat Perfectly caters to these ongoing translation needs, allowing developers more time to focus on their software and still gain an edge over time.

Professional Software Translation Model

Many software companies are embracing DevOps to shorten the application development lifecycle while delivering the highest software quality. A key component of DevOps is achieving continuous delivery to reduce time to market.

When releasing software products internationally, this means that translation services must be provided continuously using an on-demand automated translation process. Idichthuat is an undisputed leader in continuous translation solutions.

With our cloud-based and always-on-cloud translation model, Idichthuat helping the world's leading software companies stay ahead of the competition in the global marketplace

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The steps will localize the software into more than 100 languages:

Apps for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android) Firmware Customer relationship management applications Resource planning system applications Billing and billing software Databases and software hosting software Asset management and security software

User interface

User interface localization is the most important step to globalizing your software product. Localizing your user interface includes everything from translating text strings to adapting your interface layout to suit each language and cultural context.

Steps can make localizing your UI as easy as pressing a button. We match you with local translators who specialize in localizing your type of software.

.'s built-in term management system Idichthuat which means we can ensure translation consistency while minimizing costs. Our translation platform also allows you to browse and select translators by expertise and translation history, so each localized version of your software works as smoothly as the original.

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Comprehensive test

The translation platform is ideal for testing mobile software localization. Localization testing ensures that the quality of the localized application matches the quality of the source product. Once localized, the software must be verified on different user platforms to see if the translated versions work smoothly and the text has been properly applied.

Idichthuat allows its engineers and translators to participate in language testing and cosmetic testing. Language testing is double-checking the translation software, systematically verifying that each line of text is translated correctly.

Why should translation localize software in Idichthuat?

Software localization is absolutely necessary to increase your appeal in new markets, attract new users, and help your company succeed globally. Now, as dozens of programs and apps cross national borders, localization is also a cost-effective way to attract new markets. Do it right and you will be able to dramatically improve your customer experience. Do it well and your app could become the next most popular app worldwide!

When you're ready to start localizing your product, you'll need a localization expert to help guide you through the process. Translation company idichthuat has partnered with some of the largest enterprise software vendors in the world, helping them delight their customers through fast localization processes, extensive language testing, and early localization services. our end.

Translation company idichthuat proud to have a relationship of more than 8 years providing a wide range of services from global solution centers to 14 departments to a large technology client including: Servers, Legal, E-Commerce, Marketing , Mobile Business Team and more. We provide technical localization, marketing localization and conversion, app localization, content compilation, SEO and testing, localization in over 40 languages.

Idichthuat employ professional local translators with subject expertise to test and verify languages. Cosmetic testing is also an essential step to ensure native software is free from garbled, skewed, and other layout issues. Our localizers have a framework to test your localization software for common errors and eliminate any problems.

Translation company idichthuat offers a full range of services, including:

  • Software translation.
  • Software localization.
  • Internationalize.
  • Software technology.
  • User satisfaction testing.
  • Test localization.
  • Fixes.

We can create all the documentation, roadmaps, and ancillary tools needed to deploy the software from start to finish, as well as enhance existing software, building in your framework for any language. which.

Contact us today to learn how our software localization experience can help you build great software for any market.

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