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Legal translation plays an essential role in eliminating language barriers, facilitating cross-border business transactions, resolving legal disputes and ensuring compliance with laws in different countries .

In the field of legal translation, the correct use of legal terms and official language is a mandatory requirement. Translators must have in-depth knowledge of the legal system, litigation processes, and complex legal concepts such as contracts, disputes, intellectual property rights, and labor law. They need to understand basic legal principles and principles to ensure that the meaning and intent of the source text is accurately conveyed in the translation.

Besides, legal translation also requires absolute accuracy and high consistency. A small error in translation can lead to serious legal and financial consequences. Therefore, legal translators often have to undergo intensive training and have many years of experience in this field.

Certified translations can be vital for many types of legal documents, including pleadings, contracts, deeds and briefs, as well as for secured evidence. Consider these 4 factors when choosing a service provider for your legal translations:

legal translation
Legal translation and requirements for legal translation

What is Legal Document Translation Service?

There is a wide range of translation services that support the legal industry. These services include legal document translation, notarized translation, legal interpretation, on-site staffing, electronic translation assistance, transcription and legal localization.

Electronic translation service

An electronic translation service is the process of reviewing information that has or may become evidence in a lawsuit or investigation. It is an integral part of the operation of a law firm. Regardless of your area of ​​practice, much of the material you will review is usually digital.

During your exploration, you need to be able to source and create all types of electronic records, from computer-generated real estate documents to secure email.

And you need to be able to review and process documents in any language. Even if you only work with English-speaking clients, you may find that your customers communicate with people in other languages. To understand the evidence at your fingertips, you need to translate multilingual eDiscovery content.

For this, you need to contact us immediately for the best quality legal translation services.

Document content enhancement

When you submit an application or written proof, the future of your client may depend on its accuracy. But countless lawyers have spent hours arguing and litigating the translation. Whose responsibility is it when translating a document by the requester or the sender?

At some point in your career, you may have to file for international disputes. If it involves translating documents into your native language, you need to know that you must submit an accurate translation. In other cases, you may have to translate documents provided by an opposing party.

If you receive a document in another language, you often have difficulty translating it. You may have to pay the associated costs, but the responsibility of finding a good translator remains yours. As a lawyer, the outcome of your client is in your hands. When translating the documents you receive from us, you have complete confidence because we are the best partner.

Legal interpreting service

It is important to understand the difference between translation and interpretation services. Attorneys need to check regularly or get records from witnesses who speak other languages.

Correspondence and documents need to be accurate, regardless of the language in which they are sent. Legal interpreters must not only provide the speaker's translation, but also indicate their tone, nonverbal expressions, and nuances of meaning.

Any verbal testimony needs some degree of accuracy, whether in or out of court. Meanwhile, the interpreter must be able to translate the high-level language of the courtroom into the mother tongue of the witness. This requires you to be familiar with the translated language as well as legal English.

Legal localization service

Serving clients from different cultures makes for a rich and rewarding career. But communicating with your entire customer base can be challenging, especially when some of the customers are in different countries.

Which solution is the best?

Localization goes deeper than translation by allowing you to share your message with multilingual clients while preserving the nuances of your document and its precise meaning.

When you are marketing your legal services or publishing research in another language, you cannot be misunderstood. You also can't afford to have your public material seem inaccessible or alien to your customers or colleagues in other regions.

If you localize your content, you will find it easier to understand. Your material will look like it's rooted in your client's culture, and that will help build trust with them and help you expand into new markets.

required in legal translation

Factors When Choosing a Service Provider for Legal Translations

Years of experience in legal translation

In the legal field, one misplaced word or phrase can affect the entire outcome of a case. Every word needs to be translated thoughtfully and accurately.

However, understanding legal terms in one language is difficult. For example, everyday words or phrases can take on a whole new meaning when viewed through a legal lens. Legal translators should understand the legal terminology used across countries, as well as regional differences that can affect the final meaning of the translated text.

Finally, clients should feel confident that they will not need to revise or edit translated documents before using them in a courtroom or administrative proceeding.

Professional translators are strictly selected

Government standards for what is considered a viable translation can vary greatly from country to country. For example, rule 34a of the Vietnamese Civil Procedure Code only stipulates that: lawyers write in advance the required documents to be translated into a “useable form”. However, it does not provide instructions for creating certified translations.

We solve this problem by requiring each certified translation to go through several rounds of quality assurance. Above all, we implement a rigorous selection process for each legal interpreter. We need to make sure they have the legal knowledge and ability to get the job done that meets our high standards.

That way, our customers, wherever they are in the world, can trust that their translations have been comprehensively checked for accuracy.

Attorneys bear a lot of responsibility to present a convincing case with accurate evidence and documents. Our company helps alleviate those responsibilities. That said, it's not just any provider that can provide the exact legal document translation services that today's attorneys require. It is essential to be diligent when looking for a trustworthy company.

Fast translation service anytime, anywhere

In high bet cases, every second counts. Legal representatives must adhere to strict deadlines. Failure to do so could result in disaster for the customer.

The sheer scope of evidence required in complex cases that require timeliness. However, with efficient translation services, you don't need to worry about missing application deadlines for key documents. The sooner we translate, the sooner attorneys have access to the translations they need to support their cases. You can overcome the obstacles of litigation by working with us to understand the urgency of your work.

Ideally, we can quickly receive and respond to inquiries no matter when they are submitted. 24/24 support allows legal professionals to seek assistance at any time of the day, regardless of location. Global scale is also important for cases that are geographically restricted for legal reasons or at the discretion of the customer. We have offices all over the world that are easy for customers to find and request a translation of any document.

Fast and professional translation service

Optimal infrastructure & security system

In the context of increasingly complex global security, privacy and security are more concerned than ever, especially in the field of legal translation. The sensitivity of lawyers and law firms to data privacy and safety is particularly critical. The data they are entrusted to protect is the property of their customers, who may be sharing the most sensitive and exclusive material in their possession. Security requirements on a case-by-case basis require strict protocols regarding file communication and handling.

Compliance with the law is paramount, as are strict data retention and data security practices. You have complete peace of mind when you come to us with the tools and infrastructure to ensure basic data security and confidentiality.

We recognize the unique security concerns faced by today's legal professionals and tailor their services accordingly to ensure data remains safe and secure through every step of the process translation.

At translation Idichthuat, we employ professionals who can translate legal documents into more than multiple languages. We have a dedicated team that not only translates, but also submits full quality reviews for our work products. For certified documents, a linguist will review each line to ensure that every aspect of the translated document is correct.

Whether you need legal interpretation services for a trial, translating important documents or on-site experts to help you overcome your language barrier, you can count on us to deliver high-quality work. . Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your legal translation and legal interpretation services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What types of legal documents often need translation?

Types of legal documents that often need translation include: contracts, pleadings, depositions, deeds, briefs, pleadings, evidence, real estate documents, confidential emails, etc. You can refer to some Important factor when choosing a translation company shared on the website.

2. Why is it necessary to choose a translation unit with many years of experience in the legal field?

Choosing a translation unit with many years of experience in the legal field will ensure:

  • Understand specialized legal terms
  • Understand the differences in terminology between countries and regions
  • Ensure high accuracy, avoid errors that can affect the outcome of the case
  • Customers can rest assured that they do not have to edit the translation again

3. Professional legal translator selection process Idichthuat how?

Idichthuat has a professional and strict legal translator selection process:

  • Requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of the legal field
  • Passed many rounds of tests on foreign language proficiency and translation skills
  • Committed to complying with rules of confidentiality and professional ethics
  • Regularly trained to improve quality

4. Idichthuat How to ensure the quality of legal translation?

Idichthuat Ensuring legal translation quality through:

  • Strict quality inspection and evaluation process with many rounds
  • A team of language experts reviews and evaluates every line and every detail
  • Committed to completing and editing according to customer requirements
  • Certified translation meets international standards for accuracy

5. What is the average time to complete a legal translation?

The time it takes to complete a legal translation depends on:

  • Document length and complexity: average 3-5 days for a 10-page document
  • Language pairs: translating from/to popular languages ​​will be faster than rare languages
  • Customer requirements on deadlines
  • However, Idichthuat Committed to completing as soon as possible, meeting all urgent requests from customers.

6. How to ensure the confidentiality of legal documents when using translation services?

To ensure absolute confidentiality of legal documents, Idichthuat:

  • Sign an information security commitment with customers
  • Only provide documents to translators directly implementing the project
  • Apply strict security procedures throughout the translation process
  • Use advanced software and data encryption tools
  • Store and destroy documents according to customer requirements after completion

7. How are legal translation costs calculated?

Legal translation costs are calculated based on the following factors:

  • Number of words or pages to be translated (calculated according to the original)
  • Language pair (translating from/to a popular language is cheaper than a rare language)
  • The level of complexity and specialization of the document
  • Completion time requirements (urgent translation will incur higher fees)
  • Additional requirements (notarization, on-site translation, document delivery, etc.)
  • Idichthuat will send a detailed quote to the customer immediately after receiving the request and reviewing the documents.

See the table now Legal translation prices Fast, accurate, updated with the latest on the website.

8. Idichthuat Can legal translation notarization services be provided?

Idichthuat Providing legal translation notarization services by a team of notaries appointed by the State. We guarantee:

  • The translation is 100% true to the original
  • The translation is legally notarized
  • Notarized translations are recognized nationally and internationally
  • Notarization time is quick, even in urgent cases

9. Idichthuat Is there 24/7 legal translation support?

Idichthuat Providing 24/7 legal translation services, ready to support customers at any time of the day:

  • Receive and process urgent translation requests
  • Support consulting and answer customer questions
  • Update project progress for customers continuously
  • Support for document delivery outside of office hours
  • Customers can contact us via hotline, email or online chat at any time.

10. Idichthuat Can legal translators/interpreters be provided on-site?

Idichthuat Providing services of sending legal translators/interpreters to work on-site at customer's request:

  • Support meetings, seminars, and exchanges using foreign languages
  • Going on business trips and working abroad
  • Participate in court trials or hearings involving foreign elements
  • Support review and appraisal of bilingual legal documents
  • We are committed to sending translators/interpreters with appropriate legal expertise, good language and communication skills.

11. Translate some confidential legal documents, Idichthuat Is there a commitment to confidentiality?

Idichthuat Commitment to absolute confidentiality of all information and documents provided by customers:

  • Sign an information security agreement (NDA) with customers if required
  • Only translators directly implementing the project will have access to the documents
  • Copying and storing documents without the customer's permission is strictly prohibited
  • Apply technical measures to encrypt and protect information during the translation process
  • Destroy copies immediately upon completion and return all original documents to the customer
  • Customer information security is a top priority and a professional ethical standard that we always adhere to.
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