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As a neighboring country to Vietnam, it is not difficult to say Chinese have a certain effect on our country. Specifically, in job applications or Chinese companies invest in the Vietnamese market. Especially, Bac Giang In the past few years, it has become a place with a rapidly growing economy and a relatively close location to the country of billions of people. Therefore, the need Chinese translation become extremely necessary, so here are useful information about Top Famous Chinese translation company in Bac Giang.

Fast - Prestige - Cheap Chinese Translation Company in Bac Giang

Dai Viet Translation Company

Dai Viet Translation Company always aiming at the goal "For the long-term and legitimate interests of customers", so it has always been trusted by customers for many years. In addition, the company is known as a translation unit that provides services with affordable prices and extremely good quality.

Dai Viet translation
Dai Viet translation

Advantages of Dai Viet translation:

  • The company owns a staff of seniors in the profession, constantly exchanging skills to be able to meet all customer requirements in the most effective way.
  • Dai Viet Translation has had a close cooperation relationship with large units such as the Ministry of Justice, the Court, the Procuracy...

Contact Dai Viet translation company:

  • Address: Binh Phu Commune, Ward 4, Bac Giang.
  • Telephone: 0867.623.648

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Translation company Idichthuat

the Company Idichthuat is the pioneer company in providing the first Chinese translation service in Bac Giang. The company always works carefully to provide accurate translations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Translation idichthuat
Translation idichthuat

Translation advantages idichthuat:

  • Translation company idichthuat provide a competitive translation price of only 35.000/page with maximum accuracy quality.
  • Professional staff, dedicated, passionate about translation and moreover ready to answer questions from customers.
  • The company is committed to a 100% privacy policy and absolutely guarantees that no customer information will be leaked to the outside.

Contact for translation idichthuat:

  • Address: 228 Au Co, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Hotline (Zalo/Viber/Whatsapp): 0866.682.329 – 0384.358.287
  • Email:
  • Website:

A2Z Translation Company

Translation company A2Z was formed and developed with always providing quality translations, extremely fast time. When it comes to the translation market in Bac Giang today, A2Z translation becomes a first choice when customers have a need to use Chinese translation services.

A2Z Translation
A2Z Translation

Advantages of A2Z translation:

  • The translation process is carried out by well-known translators with high specialized knowledge and many years of experience.
  • Currently, A2Z translation implements the policy that it will conduct a trial translation of 1 or more pages for free first, then quote the translation price.
  • The company provides Chinese translation services with many specialties and fields such as legal, medical, technical...

Contact A2Z translation:

  • Address: 65B Nguyen Cao, Ngo Quyen Ward, City. Bac Giang.
  • Telephone: 08.6668.2329

Bac Giang Translation Company – Bkmos

Bac Giang translation company Bkmos is one of the reputable companies in the translation market. In particular, the company currently provides the most prestigious Chinese translation service in Bac Giang.

Translation of Bkmos
Translation of Bkmos

Advantages of Bkmos translation:

  • The company is very strict in choosing translators, they are always elite and have very high professional knowledge.
  • Making a quick quotation for customers within only 5 minutes, saving time and costs.
  • Bkmos Translation implements a policy to support free content editing within 7 days if there are errors in the translation.

Contact Bkmos translation:

  • Address: 07, Phu Xuan 2, Da Nang.
  • Telephone: 098.593.1212

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Central Translation Company – MIDtrans

Central translation company – MIDtrans is a translation brand known for a long time with many translation services in many different languages. The company always loves the saying "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together" MIDtrans always ensures to bring customers interesting experiences and best services..

MidTrans . Translation Company
MidTrans . Translation Company

Advantages of MIDtrans translation:

  • The team of translators is trained not only with professional knowledge, but also equipped with necessary translation skills.
  • The company brings professionalism and thoughtfulness, which is shown through the attitude of employees and especially the quality of the translation.
    Customer care department works 24/7, ready and timely to answer questions from customers.

Contact MIDtrans translation:

  • Address: Group 7B, Duc Xuan Ward, Town, Bac Giang
  • Telephone: 0383.056.288

Here is the basic information about TOP Chinese translation company in Bac Giang. If you have problems that need to be answered, please contact right to the hotline of idichthuat for timely support. Love! (Refer Chinese translation price prestige, professionalism, best price today).

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