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In the current era of globalization and international economic integration, translation services play an extremely important role, especially in the fields of trade, education and cultural exchange between countries. In Ho Chi Minh City, the largest economic center in Vietnam, the need for Chinese language translation is becoming increasingly urgent with the significant increase in trade, investment and cooperation activities between Vietnam and Vietnam. South and China.

Survey of translation needs of Vietnamese businesses: Survey shows that 70% of Vietnamese businesses need to cooperate with Chinese partners, of which translation is one of the most important services.

Professional translation companies, with a team of experienced translators and highly specialized in the field of Chinese translation, have become an indispensable part of the supply chain of high quality translation services in Thanh Hoa. Ho Chi Minh City. These companies provide professional translation services, including translation of contracts, legal documents, technical documents, websites, movies, and many other fields, meeting the diverse needs of customers. row.

Today, we will share Top 9 companies, quotes for Chinese translation in HCM most reputable for your reference.


Idichthuat is currently a translation unit with a strong influence in the French translation service industry today. With the team French translation are "old" translators in the translation industry and who are currently living and working in France. Idichthuat will be the first choice for customers to have Professional French translation most today.

Revealing the top 10 companies, the most prestigious Chinese translation quotes in Ho Chi Minh City

Advantages of Idichthuat:

  • There are branches in all 3 regions of Vietnam - convenient for working online and in person.
  • The French translation team includes 30 Official Translators and more than 100 collaborators spread across all 3 regions.
  • Idichthuat is the first unit to apply today's leading translation technologies such as the cloud system. Trados. MemoQ,..
  • Commitment to refund customers when the translation has errors greater than 10%.
  • The team of consultants is always ready to answer the phone to advise customers including holidays, holidays, Tet or outside office hours.
  • There are additional accompanying services such as: notarization, consular legalization, copy of the original, ...
French translation prices at Idichthuat Quarter 2/2024
Translate from Vietnamese to French 60.000 VND / standard page and 80.000 VND / specialized page
Translate from French to Vietnamese 60.000 VND / standard page and 80.000 VND / specialized page

Contact Idichthuat

  • Head Office: 228 Au Co, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh Branch: No. 42, Street 32, Quarter 6, Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9, City. Ho Chi Minh
  • Da Nang Branch: 33/5 Vo An Ninh, Hoa Xuan, Cam Le, Da Nang
  • Hotline: 0983.106.550
  • Email:
  • Website:

Haco Translation

Are you wondering in choosing the most prestigious Chinese translation company in Ho Chi Minh City and do not know where to put your trust? Don't worry, today, I will introduce you to Haco Consulting and Translation Co., Ltd.

With the ability to translate more than 64 languages ​​with high accuracy, we believe that we will provide your business with quality translations in the fastest time. Besides, our company owns a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic staff, so it will meet all your requirements. Chinese translation documents usually range from 80,000 to 100,000 VND /Page.

Chinese translation

2nd on the list Top 8 companies, quotes for Chinese translation in HCM The most prestigious is the Chinese translation company. Is a unit with a long experience and long-term operation in the field of notarized translation. With a team of well-trained and experienced translators and interpreters, we believe that every business will be satisfied.

The Chinese translation company is committed to providing the translation on schedule and ensures that the translation is 100% correct compared to the original. Besides, the company also provides perfect service quality with the most competitive price, so you can rest assured! Each Chinese document will have a different specific quote tailored to the needs of the customer.

Expertrans Global Translation

This is one of the leading Chinese translation service providers in our country. Coming to Expertrans Global, you will experience the excellent service quality here. Because this company always operates under the principle of "Taking the interests of customers as our own".

Therefore, Expertrans Global translation company always gives you the most satisfaction. By providing a Chinese translation with a clear style and 100% close to the original with the cheapest price. Chinese document translation fee is only from 70,000 VND/page.

Expertrans Global translation company
Expertrans Global Translation

Viet Prestige

This is a company that is highly appreciated by the Vietnam Translation Association for its professional working style. By providing a variety of services, especially notarized translation services, businesses have increased their choices.

Besides, the company also owns a team of professional translators and talented translators. Believe that will bring you Chinese translations of high quality and guaranteed on schedule. Normal document translation fee from 50,000VND/page.

Viet Uy Tin Translation Company
Viet Prestige

Translation company PTI

This is the first translation company in our country and is protected by an exclusive trademark from the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam. The company provides perfect Chinese translation services with a commitment to high quality and the most competitive prices. Along with developing professional quality, the company also regularly exploits new markets.

PTI's greatest strength is its strong and well-trained human resources. Believe that they will quickly complete the Chinese translation and are committed to a clean and clear style, so you can rest assured!

Tan A Translation

This is the leading translation company in our country and is famous for its notarized translation services. Born with the mission to help businesses get rid of language barriers, up to now, Tan A translation company has become a strategic partner of many domestic and foreign businesses.

With a team of translators up to 3000 people with highly specialized knowledge and rich experience, our company is confident to meet all the requirements of customers. Another impressive point when you come here is to experience the professional translation process in Tan A. The company is committed to processing Chinese documents quickly and accurately in every detail. Service fee here is only 50,000VND/page.

Translation number 1

This is one of Top 8 companies, quotes for Chinese translation in HCM The most prestigious you should not ignore. The company provides multi-specialized Chinese language services to ensure punctuality and high accuracy. Besides owning a team of talented and experienced translators, the company also has professional and enthusiastic collaborators.

They are graduates with a bachelor's degree in languages ​​and are always active and creative. Believing that it will help domestic and foreign businesses receive accurate, meticulous Chinese translations and the most competitive prices.

Translation number 1
Translation number 1

Lac Viet translation

This is a translation company trusted by many businesses in the country. The company provides multilingual and multi-disciplinary interpretation services, so it will meet all the requirements of businesses. In the past time, the company has brought the most satisfied customers, and most notably, the following customers: Dong Du Japanese Language School, BigC, Rmit University, Nippon Paint Company...

With a team of professionally trained translators and highly specialized knowledge, it will help businesses get the best quality translations. In addition, the company also provides services with the most competitive prices and professional translation process, so it is committed to delivering translated documents on time as required.

Frequently asked questions when translating into Chinese

1. How to evaluate the service quality of a Chinese translation company?

To evaluate the service quality of a Chinese translation company, you need to consider factors such as: team of translators (qualifications, experience), professional translation process, commitment to progress. and translation accuracy, competitive pricing, and feedback from previous customers.

2. What types of Chinese documents are often required to be translated?

Types of Chinese documents that commonly require translation include: commercial contracts, legal documents, bidding documents, financial reports, technical documents, medical documents, travel documents, and other specialized documents.

3. What is the average time to complete a Chinese translation?

The time it takes to complete a Chinese translation depends on the length and complexity of the document. Normally, a translation of about 5-10 pages can be completed within 2-3 working days. However, reputable translation companies can usually respond to urgent translation requests within 24-48 hours if necessary.

4. Do Chinese translation companies provide notarized translation services?

Yes, most reputable Chinese translation companies offer notarized translation services. Notarized translations have greater legal value and are often required for important documents such as contracts, legal papers, and other official documents.

5. How are Chinese translation costs usually calculated?

Chinese translation costs are usually calculated according to the standard number of words or pages (about 250-300 words/page). Translation prices can range from 50.000 VND to 100.000 VND/page, depending on the type of document, complexity, and completion time requirements. Specialized documents often cost more than regular documents. You can consult Chinese translation quote Fast, cheap, most accurate today.

6. How to ensure document security when using Chinese translation services?

Reputable translation companies are always committed to protecting customer information. They often have strict security procedures, sign confidentiality agreements with customers, and use technical measures such as data encryption to ensure information security.

7. Do Chinese translation companies provide online translation services?

Yes, many Chinese translation companies now provide online translation services through websites or mobile applications. Customers can send documents, track translation progress, and receive completed translations conveniently without having to go directly to the company office.

8. If customers are not satisfied with the quality of the translation, can customers request corrections or a refund?

Reputable translation companies often have a policy of editing and refunding customers if the translation does not meet requirements. However, specific conditions may vary between companies. Typically, customers need to notify and provide detailed feedback about dissatisfaction within a certain period of time after receiving the translation.

9. Do Chinese translation companies provide 24/7 customer support?

Many Chinese translation companies today offer 24/7 customer support via hotline, email, or online chat. This helps customers easily contact and receive timely support from the company at any time, especially in emergencies.

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