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CAT (Computer Assisted Translation tools) tool is called a document translation method in which users will use computer software to support and best facilitate the translation process to increase productivity and quality. translation, while managing the best translation process. This tool is an interactive and combined process between humans and computers. This tool is very useful in tackling huge volume of projects in a limited amount of time.

CAT tools rely on databases stored in memory to provide suggestions to translators when translating a document. When the translator presents a document to translate these tools will take the entire text and suggest frequently used words, and immediately give you an accurate translation with just one click. .

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Here are some highlights of using CAT tools:


With average operating speed, CAT tools may not give you the most accurate translation, but even if you choose raw translation, the CAT tool will still save you an incredible amount of time. By providing you with a basic translation of the entire text, the CAT tool makes it easier and faster to revise your translation.

Reduce translation errors

Another plus of these translation tools is that they are carefully programmed to help you avoid mistakes like omitting words or lines in your translation.

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When you use the CAT tool you need to make sure that the correct translation is one that is consistent with the same translation for words or phrases that repeat throughout the document. While this may not seem to affect the quality of the translation, it affects the satisfaction of your customers, who are not as fluent in the language as you and may have doubts about the quality of the translation as well. like professionalism from your service.

Increase cooperation

When there are many translators working on the same project with different parts, these tools help ensure that everyone is working and using the same system. This makes the final translation uniform and consistent. Additionally, a common interface makes it easy for colleagues to enter data and cross-contribute throughout the project.

Reviews and analysis

The review and proofreading process is made easier with CAT tools. The CAT tool allows for relatively easy quality checking of translations. The output translation and source text will also appear on your computer screen. This creates great work efficiency, thereby saving time and effort significantly.

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Finally, it's also much easier to set a price for a particular project through translation tools. They can scan and thoroughly analyze a document to help you calculate a reasonable cost for your services.
After we have familiarized ourselves with the advantages of using computer software for translation, let's take a minute to look at the different options on the market. There are many CAT tools available for you to choose from. We've filtered out a list of useful tools you might need:

Free CAT Tools

Here are some free and effective tools suitable for freelancers, people who are just starting out in the field of translation and those who are looking for tools to support their work. mine.

  • OmegaT
  • MateCat
  • SmartCAT
  • Fee-based Tools

Paid tools

For a corresponding fee, these tools give you access to additional features that help you improve the quality of your translations.

  • Fluency Now
  • wordfast
  • Swordfish
  • on-line tools

Online support tools

  • wordbee
  • Transifex

Finally, it would be remiss not to mention the popular tools on the market today such as SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ and Linguee. If you're just starting out in translation, it's best to start with some free tools to familiarize yourself with the basic interface and figure out which one is right for you. Once you find the right system for you and your business, believe in the value the tool brings to you, then you can start with the paid tools.

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