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Are you paying a translation agency worth it?

There are many options when you start looking for translation services from freelancers to professional translation agencies and especially free online tools. service and huge price disparities, you might also question whether you should pay more than the minimum or really if you should pay anything.

It's easy to see the difference between market prices and the stories of translation software systems available today. What may not be obvious to a company are the benefits that pay a little more to use the services of a professional agency.

After all, you may be wondering if the workload is the same, why should I pay more? The answer is quite simple, professional translation agencies provide a professional service, with all the expertise and customer service you would expect from any business.

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While a freelancer working for 2 cents a word and promising same-day turnaround seems tempting. But in most cases, you'll pay for an unedited translation. , unchecked. He or she simply cannot guarantee the same level of quality, consistency and expertise offered by professional translation agencies.

An agency, on the other hand, will use quality personnel, resources and business processes to ensure that, from contact to final delivery, the service you receive is of the highest standard. .

The most valuable resource that truly professional translation agencies have is a team of qualified translators, both in-house and freelance, possessing multiple language combinations as well as a wide range of other specialized expertise. together. This means they will always have a translator with the right language skills and expertise to tackle your project, saving you hours of searching the net for someone who can or unable to do the job.

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The translator's work will then always be reviewed and proven by a senior editor according to a strict set of requirements. The fact that the agency will manage your project from receipt to delivery also means time and resource savings for you. In most cases, you can simply email them your project files to receive a complete translation, checked and repaired on time and on budget.

Professional translation agencies will also have all the translation technology, like CAT tools, required to best complete your translation project. Translation memory technologies like Trados allow previous translations to be leveraged, while term management tools like Xbench ensure consistent terminology application throughout the project.

A wide range of these tools as well as fully trained translators will be available to professional translation agencies. While cost constraints go to freelancers who usually only work with one (or sometimes not having) these tools, inevitably leading to a lack of consistency and to additional costs for you. Translation memory is especially important for on-going projects because repetition can be calculated at a discount, creating long-term savings for you.

The combination of highly skilled staff, project management expertise and the most up-to-date technologies means not only a higher quality of the finished product, but that professional agencies can handle handle much higher workloads than other translation options.

Perhaps the most important factor that sets professional translation agencies apart from the rest of the industry is that they implement quality-oriented business processes that ensure that each individual translation project is delivered on time. Allocate all the necessary resources to give you the best possible translation in the shortest turnaround time.

These steps include a thorough project evaluation and preparation including creating translation terms and query management systems in conjunction with the client, allocating resources accordingly. most relevant and in-depth quality checks by reviewers to ensure translations are not only word-perfect, but also read as if they were written in the target language.

Therefore, whether or not you decide to hire a professional translation company for your business content really depends on whether you want your clients and partners abroad to receive a level of professionalism. and how much they appreciate their business. When it comes to using a professional translation service for your business versus a cheap alternative, surely the real question is can you afford it?

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