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Have you ever wondered why you need to learn French? The answer is right here

In the age of globalization, speaking a foreign language is not enough. Speakers of heterogeneous languages ​​have a better chance of finding employment opportunities globally. In fact, learning a new language opens up new horizons for personal and professional growth. French is the second most widely learned language after English and is considered the sixth most widely spoken language in the world.

French is the working and official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO and NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts. If you need to pursue your career in any international organization, you should study French Language. It will increase your chances of being admitted to reputable institutions.

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Learning French, like any new language, implies a lot of memorization and oftentimes it's harder for an adult to learn a new language than a child because the older we get, the more distracted we are. but there is no place to study like when you were young anymore. Knowing everyone's difficulties, we will now share how to learn French, hoping to help people remember new information, new words longer and learn French more effectively.

Learn French effectively. Let's find out and choose some suitable tips for studying!

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Find Inspiration To Learn French

The first step in language learning is to ask yourself what about French inspires you to learn it. Learning a new language requires a lot of time, effort, dedication and hard work. Devotion comes from being inspired and knowing the importance of that language. When you start learning a new language, the novelty will keep you hooked and the learning will more or less push you to learn more but when the novelty ends it hinders your progress and inspiration to learn more. learn continue.

Inspiration is the key to successful foreign language learning. When you decide you want to learn a new language, you need to find answers to the following questions.

How will it help your career?

Do you want to make traveling easy?

Do you want to explore that world?

Do you want to surprise everyone?

Is learning French your goal?

These questions will inspire you and your enthusiasm to learn French, so don't give up, keep going.

Read French Document

Reading skills are really important to learn any language. Here are some tips that will help you learn French quickly.

  • Find the French version of a book you've read. Once you've read the book, reading will happen at a faster pace. It will be interesting for you to see how the words are translated into French.
  • Find brochures with interesting topics in French. If you find a topic of study that interests you, you will learn them with less effort. Furthermore, the brochure has few difficult vocabulary. You don't have to jump into difficult words in the first place so these books will be great.
  • Reading news in French will improve your language skills. We all read the news instantly, why not in French? Try it and it will definitely help.
  • Learn in contexts. To learn any new language, it is essential to make more connections. When we make associations in learning new words, it stays in our memory for a longer period of time.

If we are reading a book and find 100 words per page then you need to look up the words that tend to repeat and note in the margin. This way the next time you read the text, you will retain the new vocabulary.

French reading skills
Reading skills are really important to learn any language

French Writing Skills

Writing exercises are the scariest area of ​​French learning. One of the benefits of including French writing in your daily exercises is that you can grasp difficult concepts and observe your language skills more effectively than speaking exercises.

Writing is important because it gives you a chance to redefine a noun. Writing errors are more noticeable than speaking errors. To increase your fluency in learning, writing in French is very important. Here are some points that will help with writing French:

Build the habit of writing your diary in French. Doesn't have to be yours personally. You just write the routine, that's how you go about your day. It will only take 10 minutes during the day. If there is no one to test your French writing skills, you can try online tools like iTalki and portable hem assistants to check your writing.

Read exactly what you hear. After watching TV shows online after each episode, write down in French interesting things you like about that show or if you are more passionate and have more time, read articles in French. and restate the main points that you find more interesting.

Create some fictional stories and tell them to a friend. Let's make it a game, after telling a fictional story, send it to another friend and ask him to correct if there are any mistakes and add another paragraph. The game would have continued this way if it hadn't been bland. This way you will be able to discover new verb tenses as your story can be in the past, present or future. Learn French in a fun and stress-free way.

French writing skills
Writing exercises are the scariest area of ​​French learning

French Listening Skills

Hearing is always passive while listening is active. To learn any language, one needs to be proactive. Today's digital era has made it more convenient. You can listen to French in a number of ways.

  • Listening to Radio or Podcast is the best way to test your French skills. Watch podcasts in French. If you see a text with a good accent then you should listen to the entire program before answering those words. Here are some helpful tips for learning by listening.
  • Find some catchy tunes. Go to your iTunes store and start finding French music. If you don't have money, you don't have to worry at all. Just log in to YouTube and discover new musicians. Find your favorite artist and pick your favorite song then search for words. Listen to the lyrics and find out if you understand it or not. After a while, you will sing a French song in the shower or whenever you like.
  • Find French movies and TV series. Here comes the question of whether subtitles should be included. French dialogues without subtitles will improve your French. Once you know the basics, it will be fun to watch movies without subtitles.

However, have you ever asked the question: Do you need to write? Or do you need to listen? Or do you need to read to learn other things with your heart and mind?

French listening skills
French listening skills

The answer is: regardless of the method you are using to learn French, make sure you adapt to your style of learning French. It is said above that learning French with audio is a must if you want to learn French to communicate well: understand spoken French and speak French well. Personal style is also decisive to your success in French, good style, strong will and good French learning methods will help you soon learn French to communicate and communicate in French. French fluency.

Learn French With Audio

Let's start with what many people don't realize but is key if you want to learn more than just reading novels or magazines in French… French and French speaking are almost two different languages. together. There are many words for silence, neighbor, contact, etc., and they are ubiquitous, including French verbs and grammatical conjugations. For more information, read my articles on why you should learn French by audio or, more specifically, learn French through songs, learn French through movies, and learn French for communication. directly with the French or anyone who knows French. Even when learning French grammar, playing audio will help you a lot as you go through lessons with French audio.

Choosing the right audio French learning tool is essential for you to learn French more effectively: a beginner in French will not be encouraged to watch a French movie because you have limited vocabulary French vocabulary and do not understand what the French learn to say, it is best for you to learn French vocabulary from the very beginning and reading magazines, reading newspapers in French will give you new vocabulary, closer to life. At this stage when you are just starting to learn French, French films should be viewed as entertainment to familiarize yourself with French sounds, not as a study tool to learn French well.

Also, for French newbies choosing French audiobooks should be your first challenge and from that your choice can greatly depend on the success or failure of the following French courses. This is yours. If you are initially afraid and don't know where to start learning French, I think you should go to a French learning center to get a teacher to guide you on how to learn basic French, when you have a foundation for learning French. It's not too late to learn French, it's not too late to apply the 12 tips below.

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Learn French Regularly, In A Short Time, Not All In One Sit

Consistency is required in learning a new language. If you've decided to learn a new language, make sure you set aside time every day to learn. It will keep you going and you will refresh everything in your head. Learning the language once or twice a week slows down your French, so you need to set aside 20 minutes a day. It will be difficult at first but over time it will become a part of your daily life.

How to learn French Effectively
How to Learn French Effectively

Practice Will Make You Better

Last is also the most important step, people often say learning must go hand in hand with practice, this is most true when it comes to language learning. Learning French or any other language requires each person to practice many times to be able to form it.

Some simple ways that you can do it like: listen to music, watch TV series, read books, newspapers, magazines and anything you can read, watch, hear in French.

The next way to practice is to try to interact in French every day. For example, talking to a French friend, writing to a friend, family member or colleague, writing emails, journaling, singing, even talking to yourself in French.

The most important thing when learning French or any other language is not to be afraid of making mistakes. When learning languages, mistakes are a sign of progress. Mistakes help you learn faster. Interact in French as much as possible and you'll be amazed at the results you get after a while.

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Choose a Method that's Useful and Fits Your Own Learning Style

If you've decided to learn French or are thinking about learning it, here's the helpful information you need to get started. And remember that learning a language is not a job to do, but treat it as a hobby, a pleasure, keeping yourself happy will be the motivation to learn faster, easier and more interesting.

Let's keep practicing!

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