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Idioms are phrases whose meaning cannot be understood from the original meaning of the words in them. Understanding an idiom is challenging but translating them is way harder. In many cases, some idioms are not even translatable. That is why they are such a challenge and neck pain for most people translator.

Here are some great idioms that are easy to get lost in translation idioms that you don't want to miss.

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Chinese idioms

Idioms: Superfluous

Translation: Drawing a snake with feet

What it means: Tell a story with lengthy and unnecessary information

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Thai Idioms

Idioms: เอา หู ไป นา เอา ตา ไป ไร่

Translate: The hen sees the snake's feet and the snake sees the hen's boobs

What it means: Two people who know each other's secrets

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Japanese Idioms

Idioms: 猫 の 手 も 借 り た い

Translation: Willing to borrow a cat's paw

What it means: You're so busy that you're willing to take help from anyone

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Korean Idioms

Idioms: 묻은 개 가 묻은 dog 나무 란다

Translation: A dog with feces scolds a dog with husks of grain

What it means: People living in greenhouses should not throw stones

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German Idioms

Idioms: Tomaten auf den Augen haben

Translation: You have tomatoes on your eyes

What it means: You don't see what others can see

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Portuguese Idioms

Idioms: Tom Caca com gato

Translation: Who does not have dog, hunts with cat

What it means: You make the most of what you already have.

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Spanish Idioms

Idioms: Gato con guantes no caza ratones

Translation: Cat with gloves does not hunt mice

What it means: Good people finish last

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French Idioms

Idioms: Donner sa langue au chat

Translation: Give your tongue to the cat

What it means: I can't guess – tell me the answer

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Now you know how challenging idiom translation can be. Therefore, when you translate any idioms, check them carefully and get help from native speakers if necessary.

With translation experienceIdichthuat If you share it with you, you can surely self-taught translation in the best and standard way. At least now you know The Secret to Translating Idioms From Countries To The Most Standard English then isn't it?

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