Latest update date: February 15, 06

Online conferencing has brought convenience to international guests, allowing them to participate remotely without having to travel. And to meet this need, we provide video interpretation services, using the most advanced technology to support online conferences worldwide.

What is Video Interpreting?

Our video interpreting service offers connections with highly trained and experienced interpreters, while being cost-effective and easily accessible. By using video interpreting, you don't need to arrange appointments and can be reached immediately when needed via advance notice.

This is the most flexible and convenient way to ensure you receive high-quality translations during the conference. We provide interpretation services for events of all sizes, with a large team of interpreters to meet the multilingual requirements of large online conferences, as well as providing an interpreter for small group conversations or discussions using different languages.

Benefits of Video Interpreting

Video interpreting is an ideal choice for online conferences and events, especially in the context of limited travel abroad. Our team of experienced interpreters are available remotely to translate opening keynotes, presentations from board members and product samples from the marketing team, to serve our clients. invited to participate internationally.

We also provide pre-translation recording services or deliver translated documents to your guests. All of our video interpreters are experienced and certified, ensuring a high standard of interpreting service from IDichthuat.

Commitment to quality

At IDichthuat, we are always committed to providing businesses with the most reliable translation services. With a team of 1.000 translators and interpreters around the world in over 100 languages, we make your business accessible wherever you go.

With the commitment to bring the most prestigious video translation service, IDichthuat proud to be your trusted partner in organizing multilingual online conferences and events. With extensive experience and a team of experienced interpreters, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality and flexible interpretation service solutions.

We understand that it is extremely important to ensure accuracy and efficiency in translation. Therefore, our team of video interpreters are all highly trained and experienced professionals in the field of interpretation. They will ensure your message is conveyed correctly and at the same time ensure that everyone attending the event understands and is consistent.

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