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If you want a translation job, check out the Top 15 Websites for Freelance Translation Jobs below.

1. Your Own Website

If you want to build a strong personal brand, there's nothing better than starting with a personal website. There are plenty of free or reasonably priced Wordpress themes you can use to create a professional look for your website. 

Remember that your site won't be self-promoting, so get ready to work on getting your site present on online groups and social media. Keep in mind that this approach primarily attracts direct customers – companies that don't really care how popular you are on social media.

2. Traditional Agencies

The next obvious way is to sign up with translation companies, aka LSPs. The process is usually more or less the same: You submit your CV, if the translation company is interested, they will send you a test, and if they like it, they will add you to their team of translators. You never know when you'll be offered the job, but the more professional the company you submit your CV to, the better your chances are. 

3. Go

Currently the most popular of all online companies, Gengo has established the look and feel of an online translation company for its clients. The company provides knowledge resources for translators, detailed style guides for several languages, and a practical online platform for you to perform translations. 

Some languages, especially Japanese, have a steady stream of orders, so if you translate from or into these languages, you'll have a steady job. On the other hand, there are fewer orders for other languages, so there will always be a "race" to grab them as the first person to apply gets the job. This ratio is quite modest, especially at the “Standard” level.

Website visits/month:
~ 370.000
Advantages Disadvantages checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 9.000
Useful introductory material

Multiple jobs for several languages

Convenient interface

Less work and “click race” for other languages

Very low rate for “Medium” translation, slightly acceptable for “Professional”

Process: Twice a month

Method: Only PayPal

Payment Fees: 1,5%, but not less than $1,5 and no more than $20 per payment + PayPal withdrawal fee

Service charge: 50-100%

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Next in terms of popularity, Smartling is an online company favored by software companies, which of course affects the type of content you want to translate. If you are a techie, you might enjoy such work. The company also boasts some of the big names in its client portfolio, including Slack, WeWork, and Intercom, which can give you a sense of cutting-edge technology. 

On the other hand, the platform provides little information to the translator and the fees are modest, so you can feel like a small, replaceable part of a large treadmill.

Website visits/month: ~ 310.000 Advantages Disadvantages checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 9.000
Continuous orders

Ideal content for IT-savvy translators

Big names among customers

Excessive focus on the customer

Few resources and little help for translators

Service charge: 50-100%


OHT is probably the oldest of the successful companies and the most successful of the established online translation companies. Unfortunately, its age shows: The company's website has a "2000s" feel to it, and that's likely to drive "hipper" customers away. 

On the plus side, OHT works closely with its freelancers, has a system designed like a game, that makes development in it fun regardless of the financial rewards. Financially speaking, alas, the amount isn't great – although it does get better at the higher 'tiers'.

Website visits/month: ~ 270.000 Advantages Disadvantages checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 9.000
Good support for translators

Progressive system

Outdated interface

Rates, rates, rates...

Process: 30 net after earning a minimum of $20; Early payment options available

Method: PayPal, wire, Payoneer mastercard

Payment Fees: Not available for regular payments; different for early payments + PayPal / Payoneer withdrawal fees if applicable

Service charge: 50-100%


If there is a polarizing translation service, Unbabel is the choice. Built entirely on post-editing machine translation, it delights customers with its low price and leaves linguists shudder at the quality of the results. 

From the translator's point of view, working for Unbabel was an unusual experience, partly because of the simple content and partly because it was the only popular service that paid by the hour, not by the word - this it has its downsides. Fees vary from unbelievably low to pretty good, depending on the language pair and perhaps a number of other factors.

Website visits/month: ~ 320.000 Advantages Disadvantages checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 12.000
Simple content to translate

Edit on top of machine translation

Paid by the hour

Outdated interface

Rates, rates, rates, etc. Simple content to translate

Edit on top of machine translation

Process: On request (after project approval)

Method: PayPal, Payoneer (only in countries without PayPal)

Payment Fees: As per PayPal/Payoneer terms

Service charge: 50-100%

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TextMaster is probably the “smallest” on the list. Its website has “millennial-friendly” features like being people-centric and explaining complex things in simple words. Also, from a brief study of the web, it seems that TextMaster freelancers really enjoy working for it. 

The company also claims to focus on translation quality, detailing its selection process and boasting that only 25% of freelance applicants are accepted. This can be good or bad, depending on your experience and skills in the profession – especially if you combine that with the fact that jobs don't seem to be in abundance.

Website visits/month: ~ 160.000 Advantages Disadvantages checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 4.000
Maybe good ratio

Clear message and principles

Vibrant community

Rigorous selection process

Irregular workflow

Process: On request (after project approval)

Method: PayPal, Payoneer

Payment Fees: As per PayPal/Payoneer terms

Service charge: 25-50%


If there is one place that can be considered “the home for all translators and translation agencies”, then ProZ is it. The site has no automation, basically translators just post their profiles, clients post their work and somehow the two are connected. 

There are also extras on ProZ such as forums and contests that help translators build their presence among colleagues and clients: “Star” translators – or rather, people Translations with star profiles can receive a steady stream of orders. Others will also see some, if for the sheer amount of traffic the site enjoys, but be prepared to decline (or accept) a lot of very small number of offers before you get anything. something worth considering.

Website visits/month: ~ 4.000.000 Advantages Disadvantages
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 50.000
Great community

More jobs posted

Help build an industry profile

A lot of orders are just bullshit

No automation


TranslatorCafe is largely the same as ProZ but on a smaller scale. Cons: smaller community, fewer jobs. But more “family feeling” and less worthless work. There is no LinkedIn page that demonstrates the degree of automation.

Website visits/month: ~ 2.000.000 Advantages Disadvantages
Người Follow LinkedIn:- Community is like family

More work (but less on ProZ)

Less worthless work on ProZ

Trapped in the 2000s


If you think the TranslatorsCafe website is outdated, you must check it out. To my surprise, the site attracts 130.000 visits per month, so if you set up a profile, there's a good chance someone will contact you about something. The site doesn't work the other way around – i.e. you can't find a job, which can be a blessing in disguise.


A breath of fresh air into the “traditional” stuff, TheOpenMic is actually a relatively new endeavor by celebrity translator and enthusiast Dmitry Kornyukhov. The site started as a talking point – facebook for translators. But has since tried to refocus on bringing real customers to the platform. Time will tell if that works, but you'll enjoy its community anyway.

Website visits/month: ? Advantages Disadvantages
Người Follow LinkedIn: 130 Vibrant community

Family feeling

Allows you to build a strong profile among colleagues

Honestly, you're unlikely to get any jobs here – at least not directly


The ultimate veteran of all freelance work, Upwork dates back to 1998. Today, it's the default choice for anyone starting out as a freelancer in any industry. Given the popularity of the site and the number of translators already on the site, not getting projects is the norm and can frustrate even the most enthusiastic freelancer.

Website visits/month: ~ 27.000.000 Advantages Disadvantages checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 280.000
Long record

Processes are time-tested

Many jobs available

Supply is much higher than demand

It is difficult to receive the project without conducting a price dispute

Customers are largely unaware of the specifics of the translation trade

Process: On request (after project approval)

Method: Directly to your local bank

Payment Fees: $0 for ACH, $0,99 for other methods

Service charge: 5-20%

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Originally a place where anyone could get anything for as little as $5, Fiverr quickly became a versatile marketplace for all price ranges and a model of “gigonomy.” Most customers are individuals, unfortunately, they tend to underestimate translation efforts more than businesses. 

If you decide to use it, get ready for a discount. On the other hand, you don't have to scramble for projects here – it works the other way around. So, if you've pocketed a few projects at a low price, your listing is likely to rise high in search results, opening the door for more lucrative deals.

Website visits/month: ~ 36.000.000 Advantages Disadvantages checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 150.000
Rigorous process to protect both sides

No need to bid for projects

Allows you to build a profile relatively quickly

Excessive focus on price competition

Supply is higher than demand

The client is not aware of the specifics of the translation trade

Process: On request (after approval of the gig)

Method: PayPal, wire transfer, US direct deposit, card Mastercard Payoneer

Payment Fees: $1 – $3 or more depending on method

Service charge: 5%


Another giant of multi-purpose freelance work, Freelancer executes a strategy of acquiring smaller markets. A top-of-the-line but unremarkable brand name that correlates well with the platform's overall lifeless feel. 

Also, there don't seem to be many translation jobs, only 70 jobs posted in 24 hours at the time of writing. Best of all, most jobs have over 20 bids, so get ready to master the price war if you decide to try your luck here.

Website visits/month: ~ 9.000.000 checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 80.000
Process: On request (+15 days for first payment)

Method: wire transfer local (in ~30 countries), global transfer, PayPal, Skrill, debit card

Payment Fees: $25 for global transfers, no residual fees + PayPal/Skrill withdrawal fees

Service charge: 10%


It is not a company, although it is the main business engine of thousands of companies. It's not a general-purpose platform, and it's certainly not a computerized craigslist.

Of the many things Smartcat has to offer, the two most important to translators are the CAT tool (free!) and the freelancer marketplace. The logic of this platform is that you use the CAT engine to do your own daily tasks no matter where you start. And the more you do, the higher you rank in the market (there are other factors that determine your position, which are beyond the scope of this article.)

Once a client – ​​whether a direct client or an agent – ​​has a job and needs a linguist, they send requests to profiles of their choice. Then, depending on the settings they've chosen, the first translator to respond gets the job, or they collect a handful of applications and decide who they assign it to. Sometimes they will also split the work between several translators – all on the same web interface without having to send any files.

While price competition isn't possible here, they're less common: customers here know how the industry works and how translation costs. So no need to drop your price just for the sake of it!

Smartcat also allows you to bill customers anywhere in the world. Technically, the customer will pay Smartcat, but you will be able to withdraw the amount from your account as usual.

Website visits/month: ~ 1.100.000 Advantages Disadvantages checkout
Người Follow LinkedIn:
~ 6.500
User interface easy to use

Jobs from industry-savvy clients

The bidding process is quick and easy to manage

Customers don't have to pay upfront, so can disappear. Smartcat guarantees final compensation, but investigation takes up to three months Process: On request + up to 5 days for Smartcat side processing (usually 1–2 days)

Method: wire transfer global & local, local e-wallet, credit/debit card, PayPal, Payoneer

Payment Fees: 0–4% depending on payment method

Service charge: 10%

It was a long read, but hopefully it has made things clearer for you and will help you make a choice. 

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