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Learning a new language is never easy. It requires long-term investment and persistence. If you want to learn quickly, practice and persistence are key. Once you learn a new language and can use it as your mother tongue, you will experience an indescribable joy.

So, if you are planning to learn an inviting language, make sure you can fully complete what is assigned. Learning Greek is not too difficult and there are many ways for you to start your journey to conquering Greek easily.

The Greek city of Santorini

First, to learn Greek, you need to ask yourself questions like: How can I increase my Greek vocabulary by myself? How can I remember them? Is there a fastest and easiest way to learn Greek?

Discover some tips below so that you can learn Greek vocabulary and replenish your vocabulary more effectively, provided you make sure you always use them in your daily life.

10 ways to learn Greek effectively

1. Repeating learned Greek words

Language is repetition. Repeating the words you know, see and have learned is the key to learning faster. If you regularly repeat new words, using them often, these words will appear in your memory. Therefore, you should try to apply the newly learned words in your daily conversation.

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2. Write Greek letters often

Writing is also an effective method to quickly remember newly learned words. A little trick to remember quickly and long the newly learned words is to combine them into a sentence and write it down. The more you write, the longer you remember. Next time you want to use those words in a particular sentence, they will pop up quickly in your mind and you won't have to rummage through the dictionary.

3. Watch movies with Greek subtitles

To learn Greek, watch movies in your native language with Greek subtitles or watch Greek movies with Greek subtitles. You will come across Greek words you already know and remember them longer. Moreover, you will also meet new words and add it to your own dictionary. It will be a bit difficult at first but once you build yourself a basic vocabulary, it becomes super fun to watch movies with Greek subtitles.

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4. Speak Greek

Try to speak Greek with your Greek relatives or friends, speak to them with confidence and don't worry if you make a mistake. Making mistakes in pronunciation, grammar, or word usage while learning a new language is completely normal. As long as you try to learn. Your curiosity will make your friends very happy because they see you are interested in their language. They will be more than willing to correct your mistakes and help you progress faster.

5. Use sticky notes to learn Greek words

Sticky notes are an extremely useful means of learning new words. You need to write Greek words or short phrases on small colorful pieces of paper and stick them on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator or any other object in the house so that you can see them regularly. This helps you remember them a lot longer.

Repeat this method regularly. When you feel you have memorized the words you pasted, remove them and put them in an envelope, then write new ones and continue pasting. After a few weeks, you open the envelope to review these words. The perfect place for you to find them easily is the closet in your bedroom, which you can see often when you pick up your clothes.

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6. Read fairy tales in Greek

It is extremely helpful to read any familiar old story in the language you want to learn. Let's start by reading your favorite fairy tales in Greek translation, this will help a lot in learning the Greek language. Because you already know the content of the story, reading it in another language will help you get to the content quickly. The only difference is that you will come across Greek words that you don't know yet. Thus, you will learn the new Greek names of old characters and will be able to read old sentences in a new language.

7. Watch and listen to Greek

You can improve your skills by listening to Greek news on radio or television. By watching Greek news on TV, you will come across many difficult words and specialized words you need to look up. But in return, spending more time on this activity will help improve your pronunciation. At first you won't understand all the difficult words but gradually you will start to understand the basic meanings along with correct pronunciation.

You can also read Greek articles or blogs. From newspapers and magazines you can find your favorite topics such as health, diet, fashion and sports, etc. This will increase your interest in learning. new languages ​​in general and Greek in particular.

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8. Talking alone in Greek

Trying to communicate with yourself in Greek may seem absurd, but it's incredibly important. Asking yourself questions in Greek about cooking, makeup, or whatever you like while you're doing routine tasks like driving and cleaning the house will help you recall specialized vocabulary. The more you practice speaking, the faster you will learn and use Greek fluently.

9. Learn Greek in Greek style

Visit a popular Greek restaurant in your area. Not only will you enjoy delicious Greek food, but you will also be able to practice your Greek with native Greeks by meeting them in person.

10. Listen to Greek music

You can make your Greek learning fun by listening to melodious Greek music. Music that floats in your mind helps you recall some of the words and phrases you've learned. Moreover, you will come across many new words and you will be curious to find their meanings. The best way is to download your favorite music to a private storage on your phone or computer so you can listen to your favorite Greek songs in your spare time. Moreover, you can also visit the Greek electronic radio station.

While listening to Greek radio, you can listen to broadcasters commenting on various Greek festivals and about the political and social life of the Greeks.

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The last word

Learning a new language will add value to who you are and open new doors of opportunity for yourself. We hope the tips mentioned above can make your Greek journey more enjoyable and productive. Meanwhile, if you need any professional help, the translation service of Idichthuat always ready to assist you. We have a team of native translators who promise to provide impeccable Greek translation services to meet all of our clients' requirements.

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